Epilepsy and Panic attacks - advice?

Hi all

ive read lots of your posts about panic attacks (PA) and Epilepsy (Ep) I had a panic attack on a bus last year but I didn't know it was a PA at the time. I kept working but would have to go home a lot and my work suffered. I wouldn't leave the house without someone with me but didn't tell anyone . It all came to a head when my partner asked me to go to the shop and I said I couldn't. He sent me to the doc who gave me an anti anxiety pill - proponol which I tried not to take. I went to step 1 and 2 of CBT and am currently on the waiting list for step 3. Proponol doesn't work and I can't be given anything else because I'm on clobazam, along with Lamictal. It is literally ruining my life. My fear of having a seizure triggered by panic attacks. My Ep consultant looks only at Ep and since PA have come into the equation isn't taking it as seriously. I had telemetry a while ago but if yours is like mine, it hides when a video is on you and rears up again at home. 
Im not really sure what I'm asking, does anyone have any advice how to get back to living your life whilst in fear of a panic attack and bringing on a seizure?

i only have ever had noctornol seizures, could anyone let me know how people on the street react if you have daytime ones?

thanks all xxx