The issue I posted over a week ago has not been corrected.

I am signed in on this site as just_joe and it shows me signed in, When posting a comment even thou I show signed in I still have to use my facebook account to post the comment.

I was told this issue was forwarded to someone who is supposed to resolve the issue. I was also thanked for the patience. Others are having the same problem. If this issue is happening to me and a few other how many people will give up and stop commenting???

There are reasons I use facebook and it really isn't for this site. There are still some people who do not want to use social media. We have our reasons and each reason is our own. I don't like twitter since it stop people from actually conversing, Can the young people today actually hold a conversation with other people without using initials instead of the word? When I see 2 young people texting I think they are sending texts to friends or family members only to find out they are setting next to each other and texting each other. Does that actually make sense to you or others???

My facebook account is used to check up on family members. Other then that I rarely post anything other than notes to people I have known most of my life