effects of certain foods etc

<p>I recently have been thinking of doing more fruit drinks etc to help maintain my weight, but I came across a substance called Spirulina, I really need to know if this would cause me to have a seizure before I buy the very expensive juice maker. &nbsp;A few years ago I went against my GP and took a pill called Glousimine and it triggered a very nasty fit. &nbsp;I find anything that I want help with, to help me with my weight triggers the seizures, can anyone give me any advice on this substance Sprulina???&nbsp;</p>

<p>I have been an Epileptic since I was thirteen some 40 years ago, and I still find it extremely difficult to live with. &nbsp;Especially now as I am an amputee and have very poor bone density in my lower left hip and lower back area, I am now terrified of falling or having a seizure incase I break my bones, I have had several falls recently and have brusied my ribs and cracked two ribs not that long ago. &nbsp;I am more scard of the effects of the Epilepsey now than ever before, as I used to bounce where as now I break. &nbsp;Can anyone give me any advice on how to protect myself better.</p>

<p>Thanks from Hazel.</p>