EEG Video Monitoring Costs?

My nuero says I am a perfect candidate for inpatient EEG video monitoring since he is sure I am having epileptic seizures from what I describe but he doesn't know where they are originating from, and that he doesn't really know how to treat me on much more than an educated guess without being sure of that information. Problem is he said that it is so expensive. I didn't ask, but how expensive is expensive? I do not have insurance right now as I recently left my schools plan, and am trying to get into a group plan because I know how companies are about pre-existing conditions. I guess I just wanted to know if anyone else has done it and how much it runs for. It seems like it would be worth doing if it helped me avoid in the long run all the emergency room trips that I cannot currently afford as is!


Re: EEG Video Monitoring Costs?


I have had that test done several times and it is like 25,000 dollars.

but ill explain more if you would like you can email me at

best of luck