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Poor you.   I know  how you feel.  

It's no consolation, but here in England it's even tougher - 12 months.    Handing back your license is difficult to come to terms with,  possibly even worse for an alpha male like me,  always used to doing all the driving.   But try to think positively - work out how to live without  it and, please God,  you'll get it back in time............just as I have,  after 2 years.

I know it's a pain in the butt but I reckon you can beat it.

God Bless



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My son went through this last year when side effects forced a change in meds. His dating life fell to nill. But I counseled him to let his friends show how much they care by helping. He's never hidden his epilepsy with his friends, but they also don't discuss it. He swallowed his pride and learned to ask for rides. Being in college, maybe some assumed he lost his license to drinking; others he had known for some time knew the reason. Regardless, they all pitched in to help and he now admits it was gratifying to know how many good friends he has. Of course, this year, the miles are piling up as he feels he now has to drive everyone else.

Do you have friends at the gym who perhaps work nearby? It's always more fun to work out with someone else and they may welcome your support with their workouts and discussions on the way to the gym. Or friends at work for whom the gym is on their way home? Support group at church? Most of us don't mind helping out, but we also don't think to ask if someone needs help. So you must bring up the issue.  And for those who do help, find little ways to pay them back without them asking for it. Cook them a nice meal to serve their family after a hard day's work or volunteer to babysit. Neighbors helping neighbors is a winning situation for all and greatly strengthens our society. Sorry, off my soapbox now :).

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Hi, I also live in Florida (st. augustine) I had my first daytime grand mal a month ago, I have had them in my sleep previously. So, I have not driven since then. I am also a very active, independent person, it has been hard on me to rely on help for transportation to work and etc. I haven't found any help here for transportation resources, and something tells me that Miami will not be of much help either. I have had to suck my pride up, and ask for rides, but I am able to lure friends over in promises to make a great cup of java!! Much luck, and strength to you, Ursula

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From what I have heard about Miami transportation, the only people who qualify are the blind and completely disabled. Although I would consider epilepsy a good disablity to qualify for transportation assistance - "Janet for President" lol

I have to see what I can use as bait for my friends, as my cooking ability are very limited. I know how to cook actually, but I don't get the inspiration often!! :(  - will see what other thing I can offer people.

Thank you,

Janet :)

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Roneyc, I was actually thinking about your response yesterday because I have a friend who told me that she might use me as a great excuse to begin going to the gym and working out!! Lol :)

I need to get back to the gym, I burn a lot of energy there - and I feel like I have so much right now. I don't know if it's the higher dose of the Keppra or just my anxiety, but I feel completely wired. I have been doing bracelets and and been enjoying them. Today I'm going to have a little birthday get-together and I actually have made bracelets which I'm going to give to my friends :)  


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Thank you for your kind words. Although it is hard for me, I know that I could be worse - actually, your 12-month-wait sounds worse. I know right now I can't drive anyways, as I feel completely not in control. I'm very wired and I feel anxious. 

Well, hope you are doing well.

Janet :)

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I'm very sorry about that!  I know how that must feel, because I live in a rural area, and if they take my license away, I'm not sure how I'll get to work/ school.  But you'll get it back soon enough!  I'm scared that my license will get taken away too but hopefully it won't.  I have JME and honestly don't think I should have it taken away, especially if the medication I'm taking is controlling it well.  Have a great day, and I hope you get your license back very soon!

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I know how you feel about not being able to drive. I have grand mal seizures and they have been at night. My last one was 3 or 4 years ago. I had my license taken away twice for 6 months each. I just had another grand mal on Friday Aug 1 2008 and now I cannot drive again. I was having an MRI and had the seizure there. This was my first daytime seizure. I have to depend on people again to take me to dr appts and other errands. I have had back surgery last June of 2007 and am not much better with the pain. I have tried so many different things for my back and now another seizures makes me even more depressed. But I have no other choice because if I get in an accident my husband and I could lose everything we have worked for. So I guess 6 months is not bad.

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It seems to me you could have your husband take you to work and a friend or co-worker take you home. Atleast you could get out to work? Well, I couldn't work my whole pregnacy, so I know how stressful it can be. I was depressed too, but if your seizures are under control you can drive again like me. That will be a wonderful feeling. Where I live they have public transportation for people with e or other disabilities, so check your local social services for that. Good luck and remember, it is better not to drive than to kill yourself or someone else. Be safe! 

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Yes, the good thing that I have is that I work with my husband. He has his engineering firm so he actually drives me to work and then my mom picks me up.

Here, the public transportation for the disabled is very limited. Their definition of disabled doesn't include epilepsy.

I just looked it up and this is the information that it gives:

Special Transportation Service (STS)
STS is available for people with an intellectual, mental, or
physical disability who cannot ride Metrobus, Metrorail, or
Metromover. For $3 per one-way trip, STS offers shared-ride,
door-to-door travel in accessible vehicles throughout most of
Miami-Dade County, in some parts of South Broward County, and in the
Monroe County Upper to Middle keys. STS operates 24 hours a day, seven
days a week, including most holidays. Use STS for trips to medical
appointments, school, work, shopping, business, or recreation.
Air-conditioned minivans, small buses, lift-equipped vans, and sedans
transport passengers with disabilities safely in a clean, smoke-free
environment. Pickups are within 30 minutes of the scheduled time.


So, the way they see it, is that if you CAN'T take a bus then you qualify for the STS.

I doubt that epilepsy would qualify. I spoke with a friend yesterday who has had epilepsy since he was born and he takes the bus, taxi, and has friends drive him around.

It could always be worse, so I will be doing a lot of arts and crafts or asking people for rides :)  

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Hey Guys,

Thank you so much for all the response!!! Always good to hear from people who understand.

Sending you all a really big hug!!

Janet :)