Dreaming and having Seizures

I am not sure where to even post this so I am just going to post this here and hopefully someone can help me with this... OK here it goes..

I have Epilepsy like everyone else here. Mine are Complex partial with Secondary. I am on Topamax 150 2x a day. I am still in the early stages of getting meds right so keep this in mind and not even sure if this med is even the "right" med for me.. But long story short, when I was a kid I had what was formally called "Petite Mal" seizures now called Absence seizures took Phenobarb several years and and lucky enough was OK for more than 25 years without meds. This Oct I had a Grand Mal seizure out of No where, landed in ER with and Abnormal EEG and normal MRI and on Topamax.. OK concerns this week I had 2 vivid dreams that I actually had a seizures in them. I was telling my husband this and now we are wondering if I actually had a seizer in my sleep.. Has anyone else experienced this, or is just my mind playing "tricks" on me or should I have one of those video sleep EEG's?? Side effect of the med?? any in site?? Even though I had Epilepsy when I was a kid, I am all new to it! Please help!

Thank you!


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I had my first seizure last spring while sleeping. Of the five total I have had four have been while sleeping. The four all occurred right after falling asleep. My wife was aware that I was having them each time. One she was awake on, two I woke her, and the other she was in the next room. I came too each time except after the first ten minutes after having it like normal. I was confussed and fuzzy headed. I felt hung over but in each case hadn't drank anything. None of those times did I have a dream about seizures.

I however have had vivid dreams of having seizures when it was verified that I did not. (I fell asleep before my wife and she was still reading when I woke up.) I think the fear of having a seizure gets in our head and messes with us.

Craig M.

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Thank You Craig for your reply... I do agree that it does get in your head about having seizures.. I know I am paranoid in a way; or afraid to have them again. It is weird for me to even have dreams, because I didnt really ever remember dreaming prior to taking meds, and here I am now, not only dreaming, but vivid dreams, and remembering them... I just didnt know if they were or were not actually a seizure or not. My husband sleeps so sound, so no help in this manner.. Thank you again for you input. It is extreamly valuable to me.

Complex Partial with Secondary

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Dear Kim-
I have had many seizure while sleeping and while awake- partial complex and will be having a very vivid dream and wake myself up in the middle of the dream because I'll know smething isn't right and indeed be in the middle of a seizure- sometimes I think either the vivid dreams bring about the seizures or the seizures cause the dreams to feel more intense. The next time you feel or have a wierd dream try to wake yourself up! I'm hopefully getting a video camera this christmas and one of the first things I plan on doing it running my own little test of taping myself when I sleep and write down any crazy dreams I have- because I have more vivid dreams of anyone I know- who knows I might have seizres every night but am only told somtimes because my boyfriend has to sleep sometime too! I had a VEEG done last year and only had 1 sleeping seizure in the hospital- so who knows- the best you could do - and cheaper- is borrow a camera and make a dream journal- tape yourself while you sleep- I hate to say it but I think they happen to me more than I would like to think but if I don't wake up during the Seizures or if my boyfriend isn't still awake when they happen- i'm SOL!

Good luck and take care!


Dreaming does have something

Dreaming does have something to say about seizures. I myself have partial complex with secondary generalization. I also had seizures as a child but they were diagnosised only as febrile seizures but they did put me on phenobartitol for a short period of time. I went 15 years without any meds and then had a grand mal one night in my sleep. I don't know if it was my first one or not it just happened to be the first one that my ex-boyfriend had happened to catch. I was out for a total of about 45 minutes from the time that he came to til I came to in the hospital. I suffered vision loss, speech impairments, and some additional fine motor skill problems. I had an abnormal EEG and a normal MRI. So they put me on Dilantin which I was on for about 3 years and then after not having anymore seizures my neuro decided to let me go off it to try and get pregnant. Well I was off my meds for about 2 yrs and then I had another grand mal in my sleep. From there they tried me back on the Dilantin and that didn't work this time around so they changed me to the Topomax and that controled my seizures for about 1 1/2 years. But then my stress level got to high and I was beginning to have break through seizures. So they have been adding meds to the Topomax to try and help control them. I have had the very vivid dreams and when I have woken my husband has told me that I have had a seizure. I have also woken from the dreams very sore and like I never even slept and those are usually good signs that you have had a seizure while you were sleeping. I have never dreamed about seizing though. Some of that may simply be the fear of the newest of the ep in your life. Hope this information helped. If I can be of further help don't hestitate to email me.


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Thank you everyone for your replies! I truly appreciate them.. I haven't had these dreams any longer since my dosage was lowered. I am not sure if the dosage was too high for me, but since it was lowered I have been feeling better and not having those dreams. Plus the stress of being Epileptic I am being use to it again. I had the follow up EEG last week and meet with my Neurologist on Friday, so hopefully I find out if the medication is actually working.. *crossing fingers and toes* have a really nice holiday everyone and thank you again for your information, I really do appreciate it, and appreciate all of you! God bless you all!!

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Hi, I have had seizures in my sleep also. I wake up and can remember having one and sometimes wonder if I dreamt it or really had one, because I get the same sensation I do when I do have one. I think a person can have them while sleeping. I don't have them a lot during my sleep, but did have them before.

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Absolutely! I have partial seizures and generally they begin during the night when I am dreaming. I'll be aware during the dream that it is happening and feel my sypmtoms very clearly. Sometimes I will wake up while it is happening. I will then continue to have my symptoms throughout the day, includng having flashbacks of the dream that I had the night before, or other dreams that I have had when having a seizure. I can only remember these dreams when I am having a seizure - never any other times.

Good luck!

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I was diagnosed when I was 2 years old, I have had seizures for 32 years now and while I have had some during the day I now only have them while sleeping. An intense dream will act as a trigger - usually dreams where I am being chased or running after someone. I think it has a lot to do with my brain just being a little overactive while I'm asleep.
In most cases they happen exactly at 4:00am, my wife is wonderful at helping me along and keeping me from doing harm to myself. In the past I have walked through a plate glass window and pulled a fully stocked entertainment center over on myself.

A lot of it has to do with stress in my life. I try and relax myself as mush as possible at night - take a warm bath and just relax my mind. 99% of the time that seems to work, but there is always that fear that come 4:00am I'll be on the move.

Relaxation seems to be the key.

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I have the exact story as you pretty much. I was having absence seizures as a child and everyone just thought I was ditzy. I would blank out for like 30 seconds. My mom thought I just wasn't listening to her. Just after I turned 20 I had my first grand mal seizure. I finally started getting treated a year ago, now I am almost 22. After I started taking Lamictal, I began having nightmares on a daily basis. I still have grand mal seizures around every 90 days. I asked my neurologist and she said it had no connection to my epilepsy. I have talked to others who have grand mal seizures and they have had the same thing. Don't feel alone. There's more of us out there. Some just keep it hidden. We're not totally crazy, just a little.