don't know what to do anymore,,,

First of all,,,You are NOT alone,,I know exactly what you're going through,,(& sometime's it STILL bother's me). Forgive me if this is a-bit of a mess of a letter,,but this is the "First'' time I've finally done this,,& hoping I'll be able to make 'Friends'. As I said,,,"I really do know how it feels,,& it's NOT fun being 'teased',,(even as an adult),,I am "38-yrs old"& to this day it still bother's me! Anyway,,,along with agreeing with you,,all I want is to be able to either "chat" with other's,,or have 'Friends' that can 'chat' back & forth..So if there's anyone out there that can HELP me accomplish this,,,PLEASE don't hesitate ..( WE can alway's use a "Friend", cause they're with us till the end!!!!!)


Re: don't know what to do anymore,,,

Hi there! Your right. Here on this site we are not alone. I was so relieved when I came here and accualy found people that had many things in common with me.I learned we are all here for each other.Do you have your own blog set up? Post a comment on one of my entries and read other peoples aswell. Your welcome here and it can be fun too. I too can always use a friend and you will find many here.
p.s if you have a blog add me to your buddy list. Also introduce yourself by posting a comment in your blog. Looking forward to hearing from you. Linda