Does anyone smell things that aren't there

I have olfacttory hullcinations. It's a skunk like smell that may last anywhere between 5 minutes to 12 hrs.  When having them food tastes foul and I get filled with anxiety and depression. I've taken 9  medications over 25 yrs and some helped for short periods but since 1999 the seizures have been intractable. 

I'm on 300 dilantin,  100 tegretol, 275 lyrica, 425 lamictal, and 3.0 ativan

I  become an emotional wreck when having them.  If you have these seizures how do you deal with them?



Re: Does anyone smell things that aren't there

I do sometimes smell things that no one else does & its always a bad smell. When this happens I cant eat or even stand to look at food. I have no idea as to why I do this tho.

Re: Does anyone smell things that aren't there

I smell skunks and pot...........Weird I know because I don't smoke pot and I will smell it in the weirdest places like the other day I smelled it at a tire shop. Then it's always when I am in a car that I smell a skunk. My daughter will agree with me but nobody else smells it! I think she is just trying to make me feel like I am not losing it! It's irritating because I will smell things a lot and I always ask whoever I am with, "do you smell that?" I can't even trust my own nose anymore....ugh............


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I mostly smell saurkraut...often accusing my husband of eating krautburgers for lunch (which are actually really good food). The odor makes me sick to my stomach. I will also smell a damp, moldy smell that I associate with spider nests, specifically nests of daddy longlegs spiders I found as a young child living in Colorado. These auras are never pleasant, always foul odors (why couldn't they present as the smell of tea roses?). We now realize that these auras are indicative of a low siezure threshold and I take precautions for the day.

Re: Does anyone smell things that aren't there

pkstinn, yes great question!  Why do these smells never seem to be pleasant?  Why CAN"T it smell like a fresh bouquet of roses or chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.  I sometimes get the scent of something dead and right next to me.  Go figure. 

Re: Does anyone smell things that aren't there

Smelling bad smells is a kind of (side) seizure. I have epilepsy already 22yrs but the bad smells started only 5 yrs ago. I smell a trash can; old, burned cigars & cigarettes or burned coffee. Sometimes the bad smells I keep smelling for 3 weeks! This is long but I also get so much used to it that I dont "smell" it any more!