Does anyone get tired after absence seizures?

So my absence seizures returned. Lame, I know. Does anyone feel tired after you have absence? I felt tired the rest of the day, but had taken a sedative my neuro prescribed me. However, I am thinking it is more than the sedative because I slept the rest of the day and almost the entire day after.

I was working by myself at a café while my manager was taking a lunch. I had a long line of people to serve, and a girl wanted tea. I put the teabag in a cup and turned around to get a drip coffee ready and the cup was gone. I was certain that I had left the cup on the counter with the teabag inside and just needed to fill it with hot water. Confused, I got a new one out and filled it with water and called her order out. She came to the counter confused saying that I had already given her a cup with a teabag but just no hot water. She gave it to me and I apologized giving her the freshly prepared tea. I didn't remember giving her the tea at all. I thought that was weird but continued serving people until my manager returned. I asked her if she found me acting oddly at all. She said that she saw me stand at the espresso machine with no drinks being made and just stand there staring at it from 15-20 seconds. She also said this happened about 20 times. She didn't say anything to me because she didn't want to seem rude. I thought, oh crap, I need someone to come and pick me up. I called my friend and she walked home with me. Last time I had absence seizures, they preceded a major tonic-clonic.

It is finals week and I was supposed to study all day after I finished working that day. Well that didn't happen at all! I think I failed the test and the class. I put off switching meds because I didn't want it to interfere with my finals. Well that was ironic!

Sorry about the long post, but does anyone else feel really tired after having absences? Especially that many of them. I know it's common after tonic-clonics, but absences? Any experiences with that?


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Oh yes! this is one way I have learned to figure out that I've had a seizure I put the confussion together with the tiredness and god aweful headace and that usually equals seizure at first I would argue with my wife when she'd tell me I had a seizure like that but now I've figured it out so I don't argue like your seizures mine also tend to progress also my only suggestion is listen to your body and get some rest and talk to your nero about your dose.


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If I have enough petti mauls in a day I may get a headache and I'm wiped out, I've had to go home from work and school several times.

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Yes. I was recently diagnosed. After having one I feel extremely tired, dizzy, and confused. I am mentally slow and this usually lasts hours. The dizziness sometimes last days. I dont feel like myself as I have not listened to music since this has all happened. But after I have an episode I need to sleep.

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i have the same problem,

email me you can ask as many questions you want


best of luck


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Ya, that happens to me. I get all sleepy and can sleep anywhere. I once had an absence seizure on a bus and fell asleep and ended up missing my stop.

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short answer. yes.  concerns the lenght of the episode is a little long.  i agree with your reaction to the sedative.  i think it may be time to talk to the doc about other possible causes.  medication tolerance, not working as well.  different kind of seizure.  good that you got someone to be with you after the seizure.  i have several types of progressive seizures and have had similar problem, and do tend to make my doc listen.  i figure i am hiring a specialist to help manage a problem.  if they don't have all the info, they can't do the best for you.  better control=better life.  hope it helps.  rikk. contact me if you like.  i  have been dealing with this stuff for 40 years.

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Short answer: yes.  Long answer: I have them over and over again right before a grand-mal.  Its usually the only time I know if I have had an absence or not. Like a record or a cd skipping over and over again...I hope your finals went well!

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I do not get tired after absence fits and did not even know I was having them until I walked past my favorite pub and the bartender rushed out and called me in for some gossip - the pub was shut - I'm sitting on the stool, he's chatting and doing barkeep type things and suddenly I notice he's on the floor with a towel mopping up my spilt beer. He said I had stopped in mid sentence and the cold drink had slid straight out of my hand and I had not replied when he asked if I was ok and I looked as if I was interested in his gossip nothing else strange.

I asked my neurologist if when I suddenly noticed I had ridden my pushbike into a no parking pole or straight up someone's driveway if these were 'absences' and laughed and said that I should be grateful that the old brain had the sense to automatically take me to a safe place - rather than under a car or truck.

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Yes, I feel tired...