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Do you let Epilepsy control you?

I read alot of the forums posted here because there is alot of advice. The only thing I hate is the negativity. I have 2 brothers and we all have seizures. In 2011 I had a wreck on a major highway and almost died. I do not have a license and live at home with my parents. I'm 35. I'm am still not 100% controlled by meds and am going to see some new doctors soon. One thing our entire family has learned is that the epilepsy can't control us....WE CONTROL IT! My brothers and I all have full time jobs and we do things that everyone else does like swimming, climbing on ladders, and we aren't afraid of being by ourselves. Basically besides for me not driving yet, we live normal lives. My neices and nephews are being raised not to be afraid and know what to do if something should happen.


Basically, don't let the seizures controll you!!!

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