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Do you go to hospital after a seizure?

I have had 8 seizures in my sleep. I went the hospital the first time but not the other 7. I keep forgetting to ask my doctor if I should go after a seizure.

What do you do?

Also, my employer wants to know if they should call 911 if I had a seizure at work. I didn't know what to tell them.


Short answer, no. Unless your seizure hasn't stopped after 5 minutes or they stop-start, that's considered a medical emergency. Or if you've been badly injured, especially a head injury. If you just have ep with no coexisiting complications it's a waste of everyone's time to go to the ER after every sz, there's nothing they can do anyway. Much easier to stay home in bed!

Re your employer, from my experience it depends on the company you work for. Some places have a policy of automatically calling an ambulance for a tonic clonic sz. usually because of insurance and/or health & safety rules. That's the case where I currently work and even though I don't like itI know where I stand. Like you my szs are nocturnal so we haven't had to test that plan out.

You don't say what type of szs you have, but if it's tonic-clonics and you have the bad luck of having one during the day at work, be prepared that  there's usually someone who panics and calls the ambulance.

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