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"Dizzy Spells"


I'm new to and I was just posting this on here to see if anyone else out there had the same thing I do.

I'm 21 and have remembered having "dizzy spells" since I was 4. I have never had what people consider an actual "seizure", with convulsions and smelling burning stuff. I suppose my whole attack is similar to just a severe aura. I have them about 3-4 months apart.

My attack begins early in the morning around 4-6am and lasts until 3pm or even later. Sometimes I have them two days in a row. I have extremely bad vertigo and nausea. It's nothing for me to have to vomit 10 times or more during an attack.

The dizziness feels like a super fast roller coaster that I can't control and I usually just curl up in a ball and try to ease the sensation that way. The miniattack lasts about 10 seconds I guess. But I have alot of them throughout the day.

After a few hours of miniattacks and throwing up, I feel like the dizzy feeling has kind of let up and drift into a deep sleep. When I wake up, I feel somewhat better and slowly get going about my daily routine. I end up having a headache and upset stomach at the end of the day, though.

Sometimes the "dizzy spells" are weaker than others and I can try to walk around.  After a few minutes of walking around while keeping my eyes open and adjusting myself to my surroundings, I can function normally. I still feel like I'm susceptable (sp?) to having a miniattack, so I try to keep it easy until I feel comfortable. Other times, the attacks are more severe and I just have to prop myself up in a recliner and lay there all day with a cold rag on my forehead and a trashcan at my side.

I haven't figured out what triggers them. It could be stress- I'm not ruling that out. But it seems like if air isn't circulating when I sleep or I get too hot at night, I could end up feeling sick later on. I haven't quite pinpointed what causes my attacks.

If anyone has experienced this, please let me know! Any input would be greatly appreciated!!


i am one that is a fact based person.  first see the doc.  second  these may not be seizures at all, it could be an unusal presentation for migraine headaches.  no i am not crazy there.  third, there are a thousand things that can cause the dizzy spells.  try to find out what the problem is with the doc there may be an easy fix.  hope it helps.  rikk


My daughter, age 9 gets severe dizzy spells.  She has had epilepsy for about 4 years.  She is an obscene amount of meds.  She has to lay down and sleep immediately when she gets dizzy.  She has a special spot at h er school where she sleeps these spells off.  The drs are not sure if they are auroas or side effects from her meds.  They have told me more than lilely she will never out grow them.

I think you should contact a neurologist and just have them rule things out. 

Good luck to you.

I agree with rikk. You MUST see a dr first and get some facts. For the most part, by my understanding, epilepsy is more of a diagnosis of exclusion. There are many things the dr may check for first, as rikk said, perhaps migraines. Also inner ear disorders or (hopefully not) a brain lesion. Epilepsy is not something you want, so do everything you can to make sure it's not something else first. I know it can be very frustrating having these "spells" and not knowing why. The unknown is the scariest! Good luck!

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