dilated pupils after seizures

Does anyone have their pupils dialted after a seizure? If yes what kind of seizure do you have. I was told mine aren't typically the type where this happens. I'm wondering if something else weird is going on with my brain.


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My daughter had a grand mal seizure the day before yesterday. We were at a luncheon at a resturant and had ventured to the valet area where fortunately there was a bench. She had not felt good that am and her stomach had been bothering her plus a few other symptoms. She had said that she felt faint before the seizure. Her eyes were dialating in and out during the seizure. After being taken by ambulance to the hospital...her eyes continued to be dialated and the stupid nurse said that it was what all young people have...that it was nothing. Her eyes are blue and you can certainly tell that her eyes remained dialated for hours after the big one. My sister noticed that her eyes were still dialated and of course, it was discounted...along with headaches that she had been having...they said that they would give her Keepra...which they did...and something for the headaches. Now I think the headaches were actually seizures as she said her right eye would get smaller than the other or swollen and her vision was impaired. She also had been having sweats at night and chills during the day with no fever. Hot flashes. She is 26. She had been treated for anxiety disorder, depression. All the meds that she was given caused a reaction...bad reaction. The Keepra is horrible for her. Now, because this med has changed her personality, she is agressive, tense, mean spirited, agitated beyond belief, will not call for her referred appt with the neurologist for further testings, refuses not to drive, does not believe that she had a seizure or that it was not much of one, that I am the enemy...thus the name, Mommy Dearest as my screen name. She stood over me even while I was trying to go to sleep and was raising her voice and telling me what I would do and would not do...I feel like I am going to loose my own mind. Sorry to get so lengthy...yes, eyes were dialated.

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mommydearest; Sorry your daughter is going through all this. You mentioned she is still driving and that makes really upset. The reason I'm having seizures is because someone ran a red light and I suffered a severe head injury from the crash. Your daughter can really hurt someone or herself and its not fair to do that to another person. Plus it's illegal. Just think, if she injured or kills another person they will take her to court and sue her for everything she's got, and then some. Please either take away her car or tell the police she is driving when she's not supposed to. You might end up saving her life or someone else's. Don't seize and drive!

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I'm sorry you are dealing with this mommydearest. My own personality has also changed for the worse since my diagnoses and a head injury following a bad seizure. I take Topamax. Maybe you need to discuss a med change with your daughter's Doc?? I hope you can get your daughter some help. There is always a 72 hour hold/involuntary committment (depending on your state laws) if you can bring yourself to do that...I know it is hard...at least to get her evaluated for something life and death and to calm her down enough reason with her, get an evaluation done (the basis of danger to herself and others will get you the eval).

My heart goes out to you. Take care.

I also must agree with Short circuit...if she drives and kills herself/someone else...consider the consequences of that thre questions that will arise, possible lawsuits, etc. W\whoever knew of her seizures will be potentially liable.

I HATE not driving..but I do not drive. Too dangerous.


Short circuit, Dilation of

Short circuit, Dilation of pupils is effected by light, medications, oxygen supply to the brain off the top of my head.(I remember stuff from my 30 years of being a nurse,but not anything the last 5 minutes...LOL!) I noticed after my head injury that the side I hit hard dilated for awhile..likely due to swelling of my brain...but the docs were not overly concerned at my CT's were OK. If you're concerned check with your doc, paticularly if you've hit your head or if your seizures or auras have changed. Never hurts to run stuff by our neuros I figure.