depakote and marijuana

Hello, my name is jared i am 25 years old i was diagnosed with epilepsy about 4 years ago.  prior to this time i was normal, i did smoke pot almost every day for numerous years and never had a bad experience.  now that i have been on meds for the past 4 years (depakote 500 mg 2 x a day) i am always tense i feel sick anxious and my vision is strange.  i have an overall sense of anxiety constantly.  pot used to calm me down tremendously and help me focus now i am a zombie on these meds!! i no longer like social interaction because of the way i feel and pot makes me feel even worse it exacerbates my anxiety and dizziness.  i am fairly upset because i can no longer drink and pot was the only thing i really enjoyed and the only thing that helped me relax and sleep which is what cause my seizures in the first place, i was having trouble sleeping.  does anyone have any related experience with anything i am going through i am so desperate for help i dont wanna live like this anymore!!!


Re: depakote and marijuana


Re: depakote and marijuana

I've only been diagnosed for almost two years and still haven't found the right meds, still having simple and complex partial seizures. I'm sure you've already heard this, but don't give up.


First, get off depakote. I'm not a doctor but everything I've heard about depakote is bad. My mother-in-law was in a coma for three days and she was on depakote.


Second, my mother-and-law and husband both have anxiety. My husband goes outside for fresh air and my mother-in-law listens to music. You need to find something to calm your mind.


Third, I never got into smoking pot but my friends did. Unfortuantly, there is no substitute for pot. Their best advice was the same, find something to keep you busy and help calm your mind.


I felt compeled to write and let you know that you're not alone. I told my husband "If this is my life, I don't want to live it." But that's not the answer. Maybe it's because I have a son named jared, but I won't give up on you. Feel free to write me whenever.


I am having problems with my internet, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't think I'm ignoring you, I am here!

Re: depakote and marijuana

Sorry I realized I didn't send my email. Anyway here it is