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current brand medication has gone to generic

i don't like how they claim the generic dilantin is the same as the brand name, the fda is nothing but a complete liar, because being on the others before they came out with the much more cheaper crap isn't made the same way. when was taking the previous it never really caused any severe problems shortly after having it digested or waking up in the mornings with stomach becoming constipated from the way these drug manufactoring co. now make it.  haven't had no seizures for 4 or 5 years, asked if a med. could be weaned off but they refuse to let you try. back in 2004 or 06 at work i didn't feel right something was telling me i need to stop the work and go sit down, all i know is after a few min.s after sitting down i went into one that had he stiffened up, i was trying to get up and go the help i needed but couldn't, i still got the help by a person notifying the one that needed to respond to me, that didn't stop me from going back to what i was required to do, also had one when riding my bike home from work, the thing about that one was is i didn't like how the police or e m s lyed to me, by the time they arrived i was out of it and was refusing treatment but they wouldn't back off or even let me call a relative to come and get me, ask me if i knew where i was and what happened and i told them i was aware of what happened, i was walking straight and not stagering like as if i was drunk, had to tell them several times i don't drink.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       now can't figure why this phenytion sodium is all of a sudden causing you not being able to fall asleep like before and not keeping you awake for 3 or 4 hr.s, this just recently started not being able to fall asleep as expected, already informed the dr. and was suppose to get some other med. not interfering with seizure meds. to help fall asleep but never got it.  what can be done to fix this problem. as you get older the same medicines you been on since a younger age, takes less effect on your body system  or does your conditionnot change as you get older.  true ot false 

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