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Cops bruised me up pretty bad after my 1st seizure. What can I do?

I've had undiagnosed simple-partial seizures for many years. The other night I was working late and experienced a small seizure. Normally I try to change my thinking and it goes away, however this night I was too tired, and kinda wanted to see where this scary dream world wanted to take me. Well, this seizure lasted a very long time until I blacked out. It turned out to be a full blown tonic clonic, my first. 

My wife says she tried to cuddle with me afterwards, but (unconsiously) I violently pushed her away while I laid in bed. She called 911. It was the middle of the night.

When I regained consiousness, 4-7 police officers were holding me down on the bed while 2 parametics were trying to treat me. I was feeling very claustrophobic, disoriented, and  confused. I didn't understand what was going on. I asked the officers to release me and they refused. I informed them that they were hurting me. I was on my back, arms legs spread, their full weight was pressing with their knees into my shoulder sockets and hip sockets. It hurt like hell, I was screaming for them to get off me. After they refused multiple times, I tried throwing them off. That only made them dig in deeper into my muscle tissue. I tried reasoning with them, and still they refused again, asking me where I kept the drugs and guns!!! After a few minutes of agonizing pain, I again tried throwing them off. Of course, the cops responded in bullish fashion. It took I don't know how long, but eventually they let me up. I haven't been able to lift my right arm past my stomach. This was 3 days ago. 

My whole body is a wreck, every muscle is sore, and I honeslty don't know how much is the cops' fault or the seizures. Not that I have any recourse. Its just a crappy story. I have something terrible happen, then get beat up by the "help", lol

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