conscious but unresponsive?


I've been having seizures now for 3 months. I have them anywhere from 3 to 8 times a day. My diagnosis has been complicated because my symptoms aren't exactly adding up. My seizures look tonic clonic only on the left side of my body but unlike a "usual" tonic-clonic seizure, I do not lose consciousness. I am aware of all my surrounding but it's like my mind is blank. Though I can hear everyone around me, and I never lose my memory around the time of the seizure, I have no active thought process. The best way I can describe it is that nothing matters in the world, I've reached a state of completely not caring. I'm there but not really. The actual seizure lasts about 2 minutes and I usually stay unresponsive for 5ish minutes after that. At this point I start thinking again but am incapable of speaking and if I try, I stutter. Many doctors have had no idea what was really wtong with me because of this lack of unconsciousness. My initial diagnosis with one neuro was epilepsy (partial complex) and an eeg did show epilitpiform waves but other doctors have been suspiscious and I haven't gotten any clear answers. What I was wondering was if anyone else had this awareness but unresponsiveness during their seizures?