clueless when im going have a seizure

I was talking to this lady online whos turns out to be a nurse and I was telling here that i have epilepsy and  I cant tell when im going have a seizure and she told me im the first person she ever knew that cant tell when he or she going have a seizure so I was wondering is it normal for a person not to know when he or she going have a seizure


I found I was unable to tell

I found I was unable to tell I was about to have a seizure the majority of time I had seizures. Usually the only way I knew was someone told me it had happened or I was in a completely different place than I remembered.  There are a lot of people who have no idea they had one unless they are told by someone else, they were doing something and then they were doing something else without memory of the change, and/or they are injured. There also are a lot of people who have auras which inform them that a seizure is beginning to happen. The nurse just didn't know what she was talking about.

Unable to tell

Hi : Until I had a left temporal lobe lobectomy, I was in the same category and never knew when a siezure was going to happen. I had some beauties, in the middle of 6 lane highway crossing the road, fell down flight of 14 stairs , on a set of escalators and got my clothing jammed in the moving stairs etc. I became able to recognize when I had a seizure , after the event, I may have dropped some papers or whatever I was carrying, I may be on the ground myself or someone may have moved me to a chair. There are a lot of people who dont get the warnings, so dont be concerned .  Have you considered looking into the possibilities of surgery?  

I never knew when I would

I never knew when I would be going into a grand mal seizure.  Looking back on them I could say yeah, I was really tired that day, my eyes were glossy, but there are plenty of times when I am tired and my eyes get glossy.  My dad is the same way, has no clue when one is coming on.  He just had one about a week ago while driving, tore the entire tread off of 4 brand new tires after slamming into a stop sign and putting pedal to the medal.  He hadn't had one in well over a year. 

I can always tell when I am coming OUT of an absence seizure, but never when I am going into one.  As soon as I come out I know what happened and I can continue a conversation, whatever I was doing without anyone knowing what just happened.

 As for me, I have thought about if I cannot get myself under control with going back on Depakote (I am the only adult living that my neuro knows that still has absence seizures in his practice, the other one died - the last neuro I went to didn't even know ANY adults that still had them in adulthood), I just may see if surgery can be an option.  Even though they are so fast, people are so unaware of them, they keep me from so much out of life.

I have never know when I

I have never know when I have had a seizure or come out of a seizure.  Unless someone says to me that you have a seizure I am totally clueless.  I find this very frustrating because I am totally reliant on other people to monitor my seizure activity for me.

Recently I have been having seizures at work where I will simply stop doing what Iam doing for periods of time or worse yet start asking my colleagues totally irrelevant questions regarding work.  Needless to say, this is causing major problems for me and my work life.  I am totally clueless going in and out of these seizures and my employers are becoming increasingly frustrated with this as they are aware of them occuring and not tolerarant.

My problem is how do you get it under control if you are unaware of your seizure activity. 


You can start by talking to

You can start by talking to your doctor and if you don't have one, get to one quickly. Discuss your concerns with him or her. This is an issue that needs to be addressed because your health and your employment are in jeopardy.The only way to get it under control is seeing someone who will be able to work with you and determine how it can be taken care of.

If you're not on medicine and having seizures something is obviously wrong and you need to go to visit a doctor. If you're on medication and still having seizures there are other optioins depending upon your medical history. If your doctor will not answer questions, see someone who will. Don't take one doctor's word on a suggestion if you don't feel comfortable, ask someone else to have that assurement. 

Will keep you in my thoughts and hope you get your issue taken care of soon 


Unable to control while not being aware of most seizures.

I've never had an aura, I've had uncontollable seizures since they began when I was 17y.o. in '73. Ever since I've always been prescribed/ trying different medications. All that time I've been taking two or three at one time. Sometimes when a new medicine is brought in, one that I'm currently taking is slowly removed. In '96 most of my L. Temporal lobe  was removed, this surgery hasn't been very therapeutic. Before then, I was aware of a seizure per month, now it's a seizure every 3 weeks to a month. I'm probably having many of which I'm not aware of. Sometimes I'd be at a bus stop and have a seizure, afterwalds I'd stand up only to have a policeman there who'd said, "You had seizure,_ _ _ ", then I'd be asked questions such as, "What's today's date?, Can you tell me the name of the president?", and I've been asked others. After having a seizure, my memory isn't very good, and because of Verbal-memory Loss, I wouldn't be able to answer something correctly. If it happened to be a paramedic, who'd arrived in an ambulance while I was unconscious they'd say, "You just had a seizure, get into the ambulance." I don't need to go to a hospital, If I did I'd get bills from,  the fire department for ambulance service, the hospital, the physican. I don't need any of this. If I knew that I was going to have a seizure I'd stay at home. And I probably would'nt know that I had it.    

I don't know when I am going to have a seizure

It is perfectly normal for a person to be unaware that they are going to have a seizure. Some people get an aura as a warning of an oncoming seizure. Other people might have a seizure alert service dog that can warn them that they are going to have a seizure. Even people without epilepsy can have a seizure because everyone has a certain level of seizure threshold. People with epilepsy generally have a lower threshold than people without epilepsy. I never knew when I was going to have a seizure. It usually occured after a stressful or exciting evening where I was lacking sleep. But it didn't always happen.


Mine hit me whenever they damn well please. Sometimes, I'll have an aura but,  don't have a seizure right then and there or shortly thereafter. Usually, when that happens, I can try to do the things I have been doing to try to prevent them. Put myself in a more relaxing situation, eat something, or get some rest. Or, a combination of all three. Other times, I'll have a Grand Mal that hits me like a brick, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, that's usually the amulance ride to the hospital.


To be honest, had my first one (grand mal)almost a week and a half ago and had no clue it was going to happen nor did I have any clue what had happened!!  Now I am still having smaller simple partial seizures and absence seizures and I will realize after they have happened . . . usually when I stop arguing with my husband that I did indeed just have one (I "come to" with him telling me that I just had one, but I usually do not agree)..  I have started to be able to tell that I am going ot have an absence seizure, but again, I am still pretty new to this.


I've had 7 seizures to date in the past 10 yrs as a diagnosed epileptic....n I've never known before I had a seizure....I've always wished I had an aura so that I could at least get myself to someplace safe!!!!!!!!!!

If I only new ahead of time, I'm going to have a seziure!!!!

Dear Chew, The person who have told you that she can predict seizures is the most uninformed person I've yet to hear. If patients can tell they are going to have seizures, they would have saved their lives in million ways than one. For the last 10 years , I've had more than a thousand petite and Grad mal seizures and I've come to know many patients of Epilepsy. I never can tell when my seizures will strike nor did I've seen or heard anyone claim  to predict their seizures. In fact, many died because they can NOT predict their seizures and avoid the potential danger that could end their lives. Please, stop adding misinformation to the already confusing, disorienting, disabling and debilitating Neurological disorder.

Thank You,


well i didnt mean any harm I

well i didnt mean any harm I was only asking because i didnt know and I was just wondering if anyone else can tell when he or she can have a the way theres this  lady I work with  who has epilepsy too and she told me she knows when she going to have a seizure and she knows not to drive that day and thats another reason  I asked the question.

Dear Chew, I'm sorry if I went over board but the more I read, ask and research about this menace, Epilepsy, the more I get conflicting and confusing information from more all corners, making me more frustrated and angry on how to cope and live with my own endless petite and grand mal seizures. I some times wonder if people know what the hell their are talking about but I guess, different people have different forms of seizures.      Dear Chew, I'm just sick and tired of this menace and I'm NOT sure whom to believe or NOT believe, and I guess that's how I have to live with it. Thank you for your caring insights. I wish you all the best, Gerrie

clueless to when going to have a seizure

The nurse just probably hasn't met that many pts. who have seizures. I have a cousin and a sister-in-law who both can tell when they're going to have seizures. On the other hand, my late great aunt and I couldn't tell. I asked my neurologist about this and he told me that some people can tell and others can't. That's normal.


auras usualy happen with complex seizures. they happen occasionly with tonic clonic seizures which is what i have. i rarely get auras.  normaly i just feel like i hit a brick wall and i am very tired. then i will end up having a siezure.

An aura can occur with any

An aura can occur with any seizure it doesn't matter what type. There is a big issue with the seizures, some get the warning and some don't. It's that simple.That can change over time as the body chemistry does but does it always change, not necessarily. I've been having seizures for close to 40 years and I've gone through some changes with them let me tell you. I at one point had GMs and didn't get any warning with them, that was when I was a kid. When I got older things changed and now I'm actually able to know when they're going to show up so I can do something about it. I actually have a VNS to help me out and slow things down just a little. 

 Something to make note of, the auras may be different each time they occur in other words, what occurs this time may not be the same as the next. I have had that happen on frequent occassions.

Another issue with auras is the fact that not all seizures will follow an aura. I'm having an issue now where I could have an aura that just lingers. I've been experiencing that for a few weeks now in between the other so that has been a new issue.


don't feel "abnormal" about

don't feel "abnormal" about not knowing, that's what my advice to you is. I've been having grand mal seizures since i was 14 and never knew they were coming. I just had not one, but two in the same night just two days ago....a new experience for me. I thought back on it and I felt a weird sensation before the first one, and that might've been an aura (tbh, i don't know what an aura would feel like) but it was the first time I've ever recognized something like that in myself. I certainly didn't feel the second one that it may have been a one time thing.

I think not everyone knows, and that's just sort of how it is. Just how not everyone knows what specifically triggers their seizures.


Shannon Lee Beckstead

Mother Nature's Warnings

Maybe that sounds corny, but I've had epilepsy in many forms for over 35 years. As a result, have become quite familiar with how my mind and body are going to take notice when my neurological system becomes a bit more electricity-filled than usual. Headaches increase. Trouble sleeping occurs. Sometimes dizziness while walking. Even a less than perfect temper. And while newer anti-seizure medications such as Keppra have done a world of good for me, I have accepted the fact that my imperfect neurological system will still pretty much decide when I'm going to be out of things for a moment or two. And yes, I am grateful that I do have the warnings, and that my seizures are of a nature far easier than years ago!

re: clueless when i'm going to have a seizure

howdy -

 i'm new to the site, and relatively new to having seizures.  i'm 32, male, and have only been having them for 7 years.  like you, i don't have any indication (or aura) when i'm going to have a seizure.  5 seconds before i fall down (i always have grand-mal) i can tell i'm having one but it's too late to do a thing about it.

 best i can do is not drive and let everyone in my world know about it.  luckily i only have about 4 - 6 per year; however i'd like to have that number drop to zero.  meeting with my doctor at the end of this month to look at other medications.  i currently on depakote, and i'm tired...

i don't think it's abnormal to not have an aura...

Can't Remember !!!

There have been a few times that I remember that I "felt funny" before having my Seizures, esp when they first started.  However, most of the time now , I need someone to tell me I had one, cause I never know.  All I know is that time flies