Choosing a treatment center??

I had my first seizure 5 years ago - age 35 - for unknown reasons. Spent first 3 months struggling with a horrid local neurologist until my family doctor finally sent me to a doctor at Indiana University medical ctr - Indianapolis. He has been better than the first guy, but has taken a very laid back approach to my treatment. My seizures are atypical (long story), so he just kind of shrugs his shoulders. I am currently on Tegretol XR and Neurontin.

 My family is urging me to get this evaluated further/better. At the current time, my family doctor said he could refer me to Mayo in Minnesota or Vanderbilt in Tennessee (much closer). But how do you know which is better? Should we go 10 hours to Mayo or can we get good treatment at Vanderbilt? How do you choose???


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yes agree chosing the right tretment centers is choosing the right health lack of knowledge some people they just blindly visit the nerest treatment center rather than the one they actually need.



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For awhile I did go to a neuro in Nashville and he put me in Vanderbuilt to try to find the source of my seizs. After YEARS of not having any answers they finally found out I had scar tissue on my brain that was causing my seizs. But at the time they told me it could not be removed. I finally found a neuro in Louisville Ky who was willing to do the surgery and in 04 I had a RTL. Even though I had a stroke during the surgery and my memory is AWFUL now, Im glad I had the surgery. They couldnt remove all scar tissue but they got most of it. My seizs have been reduced from cps to sps. Dont get me wrong. Im not saying anything wrong about Vanderbuilt. They were the ones who found the scar tissue. It is a good hosp. If I hadnt went there I believe I would still be having the cps.

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I know how frustrated you are. I don't know where you are located at but I have had a great experience up at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Good Luck.

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St Vincents up north of you has an epilepsy center and they are very patient orientated
That is where I would go

And after that I would go to Unv of Mich that is where I go and it so far works out
for me

Call up any hospital you go to first to get the insurance info first