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Can Sleep Apnea Cause Seizures

Can sleep apnea cause seizures?

I've had 15 + over the last 3 years (starting in 2009). A neurologist told me absolutely and made me get a sleep test (results were 18 loss of oxygen/hour with possible central sleep apnea and OSA). A different neurologist said no.

I'm so confused what to do?!

Have you heard anything, experienced anything?


Just read an article tonight that sleep apnea can also be a cause for damage in the hippocampus of the brain. My left side is damaged (scar tissue) which is where my seizures originate.  As I understand it, lack of oxygen to the brain will cause seizures.  I've had one neurologists say one thing just to have another disagree. I know it can be frustrating!

My husband has has Seizures (Amnesia type, not Epilepsy)since April 2012. About August 2012, he started his treatment for Sleep Apnea. Wearing a CPAP mask at night. He was being treated separately for each of these issues. His Neurologist never told him his SLEEP APNEA may be contributing to the Seizures!!!!! He's on Seizure meds KAPPRA. He's had many tests. EEG's/Monitor for 5 days in hospital. We are in process of changing neurologist, to find a very experienced Neurologist to see if he can help stop these seizures. He cannot drive until Jan 2014, or until he has 6 months WITHOUT Seizures. We are both retired. H's 66 and in good health.
We want to investigate this Sleep Apnea/Seizure connection very carefully. Can anyone give us more information correlating the two issues?
Thank You!!!!

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