Can Seizures Cause a Stroke?

I understand that having a stroke can leave a person with scars and that those scars from oxygen deprivation can in turn cause a person to end up with a seizure disorder.


But can is the converse true?


Can a person with epilepsy have a stroke because of their numerous seizures?  Are they at higher risk for a stroke?  What kind of damage to the brain and body does status epilepticus cause?


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hi there,

well get this with all the mri and eeg's i have had the dr's have said that there shows a sign of three strokes.  Im only 37 this was discovered 5 years ago so I do know I have only been Epileptic for 24 years and I have not had a stroke to my knowlege unless it was during a sz....but hey that is how my cards have been delt and im ready to play!!!

`Christina Vargas

Re: Can Seizures Cause a Stroke?

so if I am understandin you correctly, it appears that your seizures may have had some connection to the sign of three strokes?



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well thats a tough one ...kinda like which came first the chicken or the egg.

the way the dr explained it to me is that it may have been a result of the sz because those hadnt been detected the prior year or the strokes could have caused some of my sz so it was kinda hard to determine

I also get a lot of migraines so that may be a reason and strokes run in my family so its kinda like which one do I go with ...or should I worry about it ...or should I just keep on truckin at least thats how I see it

whats done is done and there is nothing I can do to change that

`Christina Vargas

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I suffered a mini stroke a few years ago but have had TLE all my life.  In my case the E came first.

but still I there is no official "causality" when I google that nothing comes up.

 only that strokes can leave a person with a seizure disorder 


thanks pam

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My mom had her second stroke along with her first epilepsy. It is very hard for me. Its like another person. As if my mother is not there. I wish to GOD that she will be the same as way she was before. I miss her alot. :(((