Bump on back of head

I have developed a bump on the back of my head, at the base of my skull on my right side. I noticed it this morning while washing my hair. It is a little tender to the touch. It is about the size of a quarter. I am currently on lamictal and keppra for grand mal seizures. Should I contact the dr.? I haven't had any trauma to the head, so don't know what could be causing this. Any help is appreciated.


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hi, my wife has the same thing she noticed just yesterday and I am really worried about it too... she has the bump at the base of her skull on the left side. her's is tender too, should she get an mri or go to doctor?

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My husband has a bump at the base of his skull, which seems to get larger and very tender when he gets "the jerks". I massage it down, it seems to have something to do w/his epilepsy, but I noticed it about 20 years ago. If this is something new and just "appeared" you should definitely tell your doctor. His dr.didn't seem to think it has anything to do with his seizures, but I know it does. Of course, the dr. doesn't see any relation to the full moon either and I definitely know there is, just like w/my migraines. His doctor doesn't seem to be concerned about the bump, as he has had it so long w/no "change". But, again, since yours is something new, telling your doctor is probably best.
Good luck, hope it's nothing.

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I know you put this thread in a while ago but would you mind please letting me know what you did about the bump you found at the base of your skull? Did you go to the doctor? And if so, would you mind telling me what the outcome was?

I'm asking because yesterday I have discovered a bump at the base of my skull too but in the middle and it is tender to touch and dont know why it's there. I'm taking Tegretol Retard and Topamax daily.

I would appreciate very much if you could get back to me on this.

Many thanks in advance,