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My short story, I am 53y/o Hispanic female living with nocturnal epilepsy for 10yrs. I got fired and haven't any income since. I about to be foreclosed on so I'll be another epileptic living on the streets. My firing had nothing to do with my epilepsy so you see everywhere I turn I'm denied. TWC paid me then reversed their decision and I have to pay back everything they gave me, I thought they were for the employees benefit but no their for the employers side. I appealed and still lost. I will be applying for ss disability but I don't qualify either from their list. How someone can work all their lives and when they need benefits they are denied. So I'm just bitterly waiting for my bank yo tell me to get out.  No hope inside my world. I was malisciously fired behind rumors how I can't prove my innocence is beyond me. AnywY I wish everyone involved some type of tragedy in their and their families lives but at least they'll gave a roof over their heDs. 

Bitter til I die and fuck all yall

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