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Biting lip and have partial seizures. Are they related?

I have partial seizures. Yesterday, I started biting my lower lip in the same place serval times within a hour. ( I even stopped counting). I don't know if they are related in some way. I was wondering if anybody else had the same problem.



Yes!  They're related.  

i too have partial seizures and go thru biting my lip without having my obvious seizure.  I had no idea this was connected.  thanks for the info.

Thanks for the reply.  I had no idea they were connected. Still have alot to learn.

Thank you again.


Guess what guys? Now I am biting my tongue. Thank God next week I go to neuro epilepsy doc. Anybody else doing this too? And my migraines have kicked in almost full gear.

Thank you for your reply.  I had 2 days of it. If it happens again, I guess I better call my neuro.

Thanks again.

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