A Bad Dream or a Nocturnal Seizure?

Hey everyone!

Had this crazy night!  I woke up around 1 am and couldn't get back to sleep.  Had some neck tension, so I took a couple Ibuprofen.  Now, these have certainly given me vivid dreams and sometimes night terrors in the past.  So, I finally passed back out after a couple hours.  My dreams were super crazy/intense.  At one point, I had gotten to the "crux" of an aweful dream and I could feel my body twitching around in bed, and in my dream, this was a seizure.  I was so zonked it took me a bit after this point to wake up and realize I was dreaming, then I went back out.  Not sure if the twitching/scary part happened once or twice.

I've had a handful of tonic clonics about 7 yrs ago and have been stable on depakote since.  However, having a seizure is a deep rooted fear of mine (I realize a fear I may one day have to face again!), which may come out in dreams about experiencing seizures.  Or, alternatively, if I have such a dream (as above), is it a nocturnal seizure?

Some details about this morning, after the bad night:

- Didn't manage to wake my partner, but she may have been sleeping deeply

- Didn't end up in a strange position in bed

- Not exceptionally tired today

- No damage in mouth/jaw soreness

- No muscle soreness

From what I've read, people's symptoms are normally contrary to the points I made above, but hey, I'm no professional on the issue.

Any help here would be appreciated,