Awake During Seizures

Has anyone ever remained awake throughout an entire seizure...I started doing this while I was pregnant with my first child. My neuro says that it may be psycological because it started right after he told me how much harm a seizure will do to an unborn baby. One of the things he stressed was that when you pass out, you stop breathing momentarily. Normally this wouldn't hurt the person having the seizure unless it was prolonged but it can do real damage to the baby for even the shortest time. Since then, I have never lost conciousness. I can't decide if that is good or bad cause it intensifies the fear and suffering.

Anyone else had this happn??


Awake During a Tonic-Clonic

I've had it happen once... I had my usual aura (sort of repetitive / forced thinking type daze) so I jumped on my bed and waited...
I stayed totally conscious. My body went rigid and I felt "waves" of muscle contractions go through as I stared up at the ceiling. It was quite painful and all I could would think is that I hoped it would stop soon.

That was it.

like everyone else congrats!

I have had szs since puberty.  I have had 2 children.  My first child I was nervous about having a gen'l sz.  I had one.  The baby was fine, I think the one that had it rough was my husband.  My son is healthy and is 16.  I started having partial seizures like what others are discribing where you are spacing out and I cannot talk worth a darn.  My Epileptologist periodicallywants me in the hospital when I was in his office, I can not talk, or move my right arm but I am not totally out.  It lasts for 20 min. at a time.  My second child is healthy too.  She was surprise and I was on 3 medications and she is 11 and healthy too.  I have had 2 brain surgeries to control seizures and a VNS.  My EEG is my tattle-tail.  My pregnancies and deliveries were my greatest, I had a mid-wife w/ my last child and I did not have one seizure.   I wish you luck!  When I was last pregnant I was the healthiest, now, when you get into post-menopause I can tell you another good story!  Good luck on your pregnancy! I had my daughter naturally w/o medication.  I was in the shower in the hospital w/ a midwife that did the trick for me along w/ the message!

same as kirk -

I opened this forum because I just posted a similar one a few days ago.  I've realized that everyone's brain is different and no two cases of epilepsy are alike - like a fingerprint or a snowflake, it is impossible.  I has been very interesting, sad, heartbreaking and yet sometimes promising to read through blogs and forums of the miles between the same spark in one neuron.   

 A few days ago, I jumped out of bed in my usual fight to stop a TC.  Sometimes I win, but not this time.  I fell, lost touch with the ground and felt the usual pulsing waves rip through.  For what seemed like 5 minutes, but was probably less than 45 seconds I remember my thought process.  I've never heard someone else describe MY seizure before, as their own.  Lately, in my fight to not get sucked into the seizure - I've stayed conscious longer and longer and everything besides my thoughts are gone.        

First, congrats on being

First, congrats on being preggers!

No losss of consciousness is a common feature of simple partial seizures. I noted you were going to a neuro... they are like GPs of the brain.

And being unconscious (as when asleep or in a seizure) does not always harm a baby.
Please, do yourself a favor and get an epileptologist.

I've has simple and complex partials for years ... at least with simple partials you know they happened.
Amnesia is a feature of complex partials so they can occur and I'll be oblivious to that fact.


Re: Awake During Seizures

I have Seizures that I remain Completely awake throughout. I am awake.. I can tell you that the seizure is coming. But then I stare off into Space a little. I grab people hands. I am not able to make out words, I try to speak but it comes out all jumbled up. The Dr. can't figure out what these episodes are. I passed the tests.. nothing showed up. The thing is, is that they come around the time of my period. Since I started the Topomax though they have lessened in frequencey.


I found your comment interesting.  I too am on Topamax among a few other seizure meds. Recently after 40 years od nothing but Grand Mal/ Tonic Clonic seizures, I am beginning to have a change in my seizures where I too am awake.  I never used to have an Aura, now I do, however I am not able to talk or tell anyone what is going on no matter how hard I try or want to, the words just will not come out.  I get very anxious. I shuffle papers if in hand. Touch my face etc. Or push people away if they try to help. But what really caught my attention was the fact that you said your seizures seem to occur around the time of your period. Mine usually occur a day or two prior. I have told all of my epileptologist this and they just dismiss this. This has happend for years. There has to be something to this.

Re: Re: Awake During Seizures

I have seizures where I am aware I'm having them, have moments of absence with them, but through it all my mind is blank. I'm aware but my mind is ...calm? I'm aware that my eyes feel like they are staring straight ahead through the seizure also. I hope you have a seizure free day!


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That sounds like my Spells. I am aware... but not really in control. I do a weird thing where I grab for people and try to hold on to them. Its like they are complex partials. I get the fishy face and everything. But everytime I go to the Dr. they can't seem to catch them on the EEG machine. They have never taken me off the medication that is controling them at the time either to help see if that helps spark one.