Are these simple partials

I know that the symptoms of seizures vary between diffrent individals, but do they vary in actual individuals. I have read that simple partials usually follow the same sequence mostly everytime for eample, tingling arm, then sweating, then a bad smell, ect. The episodes I m having are varied in time, symptoms and severity, sometimes they start with a weird sensation in my stomach feeling of doom, then sweating feet, anxiety, pins and needle in right leg and so on, each symtpom usually last for a few minutes to an hour and can be alone followed by another one or all togther. Other times I will have sweating feet, heart palpatations, consuion, spaced out, dry mouth, tingling in left arm, buzzing in my head a feeling like I am going to fall over, breathing issues. I know these sound like panic attacks but I have had them since I was 16 and am now 32 and these episodes are very diffrent. I just want to know if the symptoms of simple partials can vary so much in the same individual, or could it be more a migraine aura? I have had EEGS and they have shown abnormalites but not seizure activity, although I was not havig an episode when I had them done.  My nero is at a lose with me and I just want to know what is wrong with me. I also get weird visual stuff sometime before or during episodes.


Also is you have the seizures in you right side of the brain do you get symptoms in the right or left side of your body, or can it be either??


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Lots of questions.. Seizures are different in every person with epilepsy. I have seen people say they have auras then they have a seizure. The aura itself is a type os seizure.

I was in school long before you were even thought of. I was taught that the left side of your brain controlled the right side of your body and visa versa. My epilepsy is caused my scared brain tissue which is in the left side of my brain. Most of the seizures I have effect my right hand.

I would suggest you get the My Epilepsy Diary near the top of this page and use it. You can note your seizures meds and side effects and moods the more information your neuro has the better he can determine what can be done to get you seizure free.

 When I was diagnosed with epilepsy in the 1960's there were fewer types of seizures and many of the types can land in simple partial absence or complex partial seixures so if you want to read what most seizures have and locate the things that fall under your seizue=res and ask your neuro if they are that type of seizure.

Good luck and I hope I answeres some or your quesions.

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Thankyou for the reply Joe :)

 I guess what I am confused about is that nearly every time I have one of these spells it is diffrent, for example not long ago I felt off balance, then come the sweating, hotflush, nausea and tightness/tingling feeling in right had.....but the one before that was racing heart, slight confusion, deja vu...other times it will be just a hot burning in my head and left arm followed by chills and then the cycle repeats. Most of what I read people have simple partials that are pretty much consitently the same for them and come in a predictable pattern they may have one or two diffrent ones but they are usually the same symptoms. I think that is why my neuro has just thrown his arms up as I have to many vary traniset symptoms. I am not on meds as they dont think I have seizures due to that and my eegs hae always been okay. I am at a lose as to what is wrong with me at this point. I always fee the tingling and electric feeling in my right side of the head but also get symptoms in that side which  I thought was werid also as I thought if it is in the right side the left side would be affected. One of my EEGS did show slowing in my left temproal lobe but they said it was nothing?