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Anyone else have Cyclothymia and/or RLS/PLMD?

I'm a 35-year-old male. I began having simple partial and complex partial temporal lobe seizures around 22 or 23. I had no idea what they were, and they seemed more or less benign, so it didn't occur to me to investigate further. I ended up having my first generalized tonic-clonic seizure in my sleep at 30 years old. 500mg of Keppra 2x per day has kept me totally seizure-free since then.

I also have RLS/PLMD. When I was a small child, my legs would get twitchy when I was sleepy but unable to lie down -- on long drives, for example. These symptoms have only grown worse over time, to the point that I have an incredibly short window in which to fall asleep; otherwise, I will be up all night with pain and discomfort in all four limbs. And when I am asleep, my limbs continue to move intermittently on their own. I take Mirapex for this. I also have a prescription for Klonopin but hate how foggy it makes me in the morning, so usually opt for medical marijuana instead. But it's one or the other -- Mirapex was sufficient for a while, but now I need something else in order to sleep.

Finally, I have recently learned that I most likely have cyclothymia as well. Looking back, it's now clear to me that I have routinely alternated between lows that weren't quite depressive and highs that weren't quite manic. I simply didn't know, however, that there was a diagnosis for this; I'd thought that you were either bipolar or "normal."

Does anyone else out there have this particular cocktail of symptoms, or at least something similar? If so, do you do anything to manage them beyond taking medication? I have begun doing Kundalini yoga, which most certainly elevates my energy and mood. I have also begun neurofeedback, but I'm only a few sessions in and I can't tell whether anything is happening. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture or acupressure as well. In short, I feel as though I've fallen into something of a rut in which I'm relying too heavily on both traditional and non-traditional medication, and I'd like to see what I can do to get out of it.

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