Antiseizure meds ruin life - A natural "cure" through hormones, calcium, and magnesium?

I know I am not alone on this forum in saying that the side effects of anticonvulsant medications destroy quality of life.  As someone who prefers a natural lifestyle, I hate them even more.  My quick epilepsy history - febrile as infant (~6 mos,) grand mal shortly after onset of menstruation in 2001, lived unmedicated with simple partial seizures (definitely "catamenial" or linked to my menstrual cycle), until very unexpectedly another tonic-clonic in 2011.

MD put me on topamax and I realized very quickly that I was unable to speak on the medication.  Changed to Keppra 750mg BID which I have been on ever since.  I have had zero seizures on the medication, not even the small simple partial seizures I was used to.  HOWEVER, I became uncoordinated, unable to focus, moody, and "magically" developed vision problems and eczema - two major health issues that I NEVER had before.  I brought these concerns to two neurologists - neither one really said or did anything at all.  I was referred to an optometrist and dermatologist.  I will forever be angry at myself for not fighting more at that time.

Fast forward to now (about 3 years later), and my symptoms not only persist, but are WORSENING.  This "eczema" is moderately controlled with a steroid cream, but the area that it covers and the symptoms themselves are growing and worsening.  MY BODY HATES THIS STUFF AND SO DO I.  I am a dual-Master's student and I need my best head on my shoulders.

Doing my own research, I find "correlations" that cannot be under rug swept.  This information is valuable especially since my seizures are so hormonally linked.

IN SUMMARY:  Estrogen increases neuronal excitability.   Progesterone decreases neuronal excitability.  Calcium uptake is higher during periods of low progesterone.  Magnesium acts as a natural calcium channel blocker, offsetting the excitatory influence of calcium.  When progesterone increases or is higher, magnesium increases as well.  I find it to be no coincidence that my seizure-risk-time occurred one week prior to menstruation up until about 5 days into it - the times during which progesterone falls and calcium increases.  I am thinking that magnesium might be the ultimate godsend.

Please note that these pathways are involved in male epilepsy as well.  Scholarly references I used below.


Any thoughts?  Has anyone else ditched the meds and played with the magnesium link?

Best to all affected by this disorder and its grave mismanagement by medical professionals.