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Anti-Seizure Medications Finally Working

My name is Chris and I am 57 years old.  For my entire life I have been suffering from

epileptic seizures, which have been occurring, on average, twice per month.  In addition, I

have been having memory problems.  Two years ago, it was determined that I have Celiac

Disease, and I am currently on a Gluten-Free diet.


My doctors have been unable to find an Anti-Seizure medication that worked on controlling

these seizures.


Vitamin supplements, including Iron, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B, were required to take along with the

Gluten-Free diet, in order to ensure that I get enough of the vitamins that I need.


Ever since I have been taking the Anti-Seizure Meds, I have been taking supplements.  I take the

supplements at the same time as the Meds so that I never forget either one.  I am currently taking

Tegretol XR which does not prevent the seizures from occurring at least twice per month.


Three months ago, I spoke to someone else suffering from Celiac Disease, and he recommended that I not take

the supplements along with the Anti-Seizure Meds, in order to ensure that the Vitamins

are properly absorbed by my body.


This did something amazing.  Not only did it cause the Vitamins to be more effective, but I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE

SEIZURE FOR ALMOST THREE MONTHS.  The Vitamins were having an effect on the Tegretol being absorbed.

Never in my life (Over 40 years), have I gone this long without a single seizure, and no memory problems.



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