After two years free it returns.... :( Need help and advice

Greetings everyone

I shouldn't say I need "help", but some apprecition and care are surely welcome. I am really looking for advice. There was a place I found where I posted the first night my experiences recently discovered and got a few people showing support right away. So what happened?

*I am 36 and about two years ago I had a bad seizure and got into a car accident. I was very lucky as I escaped unscathed (and no one else was injured as my car just hit the wall on the Major Deegan.

*I was prescribed Lamictal (lamotrigine) 100mg twice/day

**Flash forward to today. I was awoken in the night in bed. I was told by my lady I had a seizure. I thought she must be mistaken, I had been clear for nearly two years. It was 3AM, we went back to bed, and when I got out of bed this morning I saw what I thought was a canker sore on my tongue ...with two red marks. TEETH! Bit my tongue?! Not this again---it happened to me in the past, biting my tongue due to seizures in the night before I actually learned what I was dealing with in life. I went to see my doctor who was able to see me today at noon.

***Through some shock I was told I shouldn't drive for 3-6 months, not worry, go home and rest, and she's upping my Rx, ordered another MRI and EEG. From a medical standpoint I understand this all....

From an emotional standpoint I am back to the start. I was in the medical office with my lady, broke down in her arms while standing, calmed down, and once again felt powerless like I did two years ago. :( I am now listening to Daniel Tosh do standup and feel a lot better :)

Advice and areas where I want comments on:

*Has anyone had similar experiences?

*What can be done in terms of driving? The doctor recommends I, again, stay off driving for 3-5 months. I did six once before and although I handled it well enough with buses it took a HUGE impact on money as it limited the work I could do and in general made things difficult.

*For those of you who drive with EP what do you do when you feel your aura coming? I'd imagine you quickly get off the road, hit the hazard lights, and just wait it out.