ADA welding career and E

Hello all this my first post i am a 30 year old male who has been living with E since birth I have never felt discriminated against in the past 30 years on account of my E until now i recently started working with my local DARS dept i also have social anxiety disorder but anyway I had a recent opportunity to get into a welding training program local to me but my doctor wouldn't give me medical clearance to attend. Now my E is controlled with depakote very well no seizures unless i stop taking my meds if it matters my dosage is 500mg twice a day also i get auras before a seizure. Anyway DARS gave me an appointment to see a local neurologist and he did an EEG i have a copy of his findings i can provide this if someone can help me with that info but my main thing is on the flashing light test aka photosensitivity I have no abnormalties on the test and flashing light have never bothered me and here is the kicker i own a MIG welder and use it on a regular basis practicing as i am trying to learn on my own this class would benifit me i am getting a second opinion but if that doest work i plan to contact the ADA i also have seen on the JAN website where the have an example of a welder who was given accomadations in the form of extra padding in his helmet and a saftey switch on his machine i also need to know medical law and how to appeal a doctors decision I want to learn to weld and i am wiling to keep fighting as a welding job could change my life anyone ever had to fight medical clearance other than driver licence issues which by the i do hold a drivers licence and drive regulary my E is contolled with meds.