27 male

Hey all.


I'm new here and just diagnosed with multifocal seizures.  I had two abnormal eegs showing I guess abnormal waves in multiple parts of my brain.  I am 27 and have been having these weird sensations for about two years.  I don't have the "typical" seizure where I jerk, or lose concinouss.  Basically throughout the week I just feel terrible, I feel like I'm drunk or high, but it's not fun.


So anyways I have been having this for a little over 2 years, and about 9 months ago I had a clean MRI (over a year after I started having these sensations.)  Today I had my second abnormal EEG.  I am now concerned that I have some brain turmors causing all this.  Can these multi focal seizures happen to a 27 year old, without being caused from brain turmors?  


I am really scared, since I am just diagnosed with my first condition, as no one in my family history has ever had any sort of health problem.  I have another MRI scheduled next week, but my GP thought since my last one 8 months ago was clean, this is not caused by tumors.  Just looking for any sort of support from those who have experience with EEG's and seizures.