24 hr eeg what is this like?

what is this 24 hr eeg thing where you walk around with it attached to your head? can someone explain what it was like to wear one. how would it work since the other eeg they always told me to stay still and not move my hands or things like that. how can this get an accurate reading. what if you touch something and it sends an electric shock. would that mess up the test? sometimes that happens to me when I touch a doornob and I get a shock on my hand.


Several years ago I had a 24

Several years ago I had a 24 hour EEG. It was not very comfortable and a lot of the attached peices became detached. Enough became detached so that there was basically no acurate reading from it. If the pieces stay on, my understanding is, it should have a decent reading. In VEEGs they don't expect you to stay still so I don't think you have to get information.

I just had one a couple

I just had one a couple weeks ago . Not too bad. I stayed home so I was alone and it went pretty easy. Had to cut back a few things normally I do like working out was a no-no not bad but those stupid wires kept getting tangeled up. After all I pop off two wires and they were late in the test. The glue they use on my hair was pretty nasty getting out though LOL Sleeping went better than I figured as well but I was on pills that night for sleep. Not bad really just don't think you want to go sno-skiing or anything like that while you have it on LOL GOOD LUCK.......x

get one in jan.????

peace R.C.
Thanks I was looking for imfo. to I get one in jan. But I will be in the hosp. ?
and I think it is 48hrs???? .
What about caffeine?? nicotine??
and what happens if I,m "normal" for 2 days..
If i,m medicated to the hilt I may be relaxed enough to change a lot BUT if I take that much sleep meds, plus the tegretol, plus an antidepressent WHEW I am and will be VERY disabled and whats the use I all ready know I can not have surgery and I am now on my ?? 6/7 th med . good luck Rick

The doctor wanted me to be a

The doctor wanted me to be a normal as possible. I drank coffee but didn't get any nicotine but did use my MJ and had no problems. The machine still detected sezuire activity anyway. I never heard of anyone in the hospital for that kind of test?? Maybe I'm wrong. Just go with it and try to be as " normal" as possible if that is possible with a bunch of wires sticking out of your head LOL. On the way home I did go to freak out a couple small girls.they satred at the wires in my head. I told them this is what happens when you don't eat your veggies. Good luck.......x

Re: The doctor wanted me to be a

hi,i am a 37 year old women,i had one a couple years ago,i didnt like it but my friend made me feel good about it.It is just like the EEG's you have when you go to sleep,only you are awake and doing everyday things.I didnt have a seizure when i had it on so mine didnt work well for me.I think i am going to have another one done in a couple of days cause i noticed i am having a lot more seizures now that i am older.Hopefully this time i will have one while i am wearing it.I suggest you take a hat or a shirt with a hood to the dr when you have it on you.It's not as bad as you think it is.Good luck with it.

I thought it was really

I thought it was really uncomfortable, and the pack that you carry over your shoulder was so
heavy after awhile. Plus in these troubled times, I was more than a little bit aware of what I
may have looked like to the average person on the street while I was walking around with a
head full of wires, a scarf covering it all and a box at my waist with all the wires running
into it! You can bet I didn't go out in public until it was time to get all those wires
taken off...

I don't know how they can get a good, accurate reading. They didn't have me stop my
medication for the 24hour test, which I kind of thought they'd have to do. The neurologist
said he saw some abnormal activity, but it was inconclusive. I asked him to show me on the
printout exactly what was abnormal and I sure couldn't see the difference between abnormal and
any of the other markings. I guess with the 1st sleep deprived EEG (which showed abnormal
epileptiform spikes in the left temporal lobe) and then the 24hour EEG, they were able to
better adjust the Keppra dose.


Re: 24 hr eeg what is this like?

I am a 25 year old male. I was diagnosed 10 months ago, 1 week after my first seizure. I did a 36hr eeg (if I remember correctly about the length of time) in early June. I wore mine to work (small business), which is how all of my coworkers found out I have epilepsy. They eeg-tech fashioned a "hat" out of white tape after gluing all of the leads to my head. My "hat" looked like a cone. I wore a hoodie all weekend even though it was summer and the hoodie didn't hide it. It was funny. I had a sense of humor about it. Cuz what the * else was I going to do? A girl I used to hang out with came over before she moved and made out with me while I had it on my head. I mention that for anyone who thinks it is completely going to suck. It can't be that bad if a girl made out with me while I had it on my head. My neoro told me that I have "slow brain waves" on the left side of my brain.



Re: 24 hr eeg what is this like?

am pleased this thread has popped up as I have one coming up in may, must remember to take a hoodie! lets hope the weather is not hot. Am not going to go to work with that on my head and hadnt even thought about sleeping! Glad you still have a sense of humour.Best wishes Bex

Re: 24 hr eeg what is this like?

I know this post was so long ago (came across it on google, lol) but thought I would add in my two cents. 

I just had a 48 hour ambulatory EEG. Walking out of the hospital as well as in with all those wires on my head was embarrassing and my chiropractor asking me to take my hood off was as well. (Though they advice you not to put anything on your head while on the EEG) I had a few partial seizures on the EEG BUT I do not yet know the results as to if it's Epilepsy or something else. I've been having seizures since June and been having them every single day. Usually partials but I have had a load of tonic clonic and been hospitalized many times due to these.   I used to have 2 tonic clonics or more a day, leading them to believe it is Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures but after an abornomal EEG in late July at a hospital out of state (I was at Six Flags and had a cluster of seizures on a roller coaster, got admitted to their local hospital and seen by Dr.House) they aren't so sure now.  So, just waiting on the latest EEG results and hoping for some answers. Been on Lamictal and Keppra but my neurologist doesn't want me on medication so he took me off those right away.  I'm currently on Ativan 3 times a day and that helps a litle bit when I remember to take it.

Sleeping with the wires really isn't too horrible. The worst part in my opinion was keeping the diary of everything that I was doing during those two days. Eating, drinking, bathroom breaks, watching TV, waking up, sleeping, ect.   And of course, the pack that you have to carry around your shoulder. It's more uncomfortable than the wires. The glue does suck, but if you have a good EEG tech they'll have it glued good enough that it wont come off at all!  I had no wires come detached during my 48 hour venture with it but had one close to coming detached.. 

When it is done in the hospital (as inpatient) it's called Long Term Epilepsy (Epileptic) monitoring. I have had 2 of those done, one being 16 hours (it aws supposed to be 24, but I had a bad cluster attack of seizures and they ended up dosing me with medications to stop it which messed up the test) and a 24 hour on June 8th, the day after my seizures started.

They're thinking it's frontal lobe seizures, hoping to find out from this last EEG. If not, have to go to a Spec and PET scan!