Looking for help

I was diagnosed with epilepsy 18 years ago. Well my 17 year old son has started having seizures. He has had 3 in the last 3 weeks. I am on disabilty & medicare, however he is not. He doesnt have any insurance at all & Im trying really hard to find a neurologist that will see him. I am not having any luck at all. I am in such desperate need of help for my son. I have called or emailed all of the clinics & groups that I have found. I am hopeful that someone here might have an idea for me. We live in Middle Tennessee. Thank you for your time!


Re: Looking for help

Are there state or federal health care programs that your son can sign up for? I would encourage you and your son to look into that to see if we can get some government funded healthcare.

It looks like Cover Tennessee provides government assisted healthcare. Their website shows that they have a program for children 18 and younger.



Good luck!