Insurance For Epileptics

I am thye daughter of a 64yr old dad who has suffered from epilepsy his entire life.  While working of couse, he had group insurance which covered everything  but now he's retired collecting unemploment & SS but has no insurance.  They are wanting to chanrge him anywhere $1,000 - $1500.  Any recommendations? 


Re: Insurance For Epileptics

I probably can't list all the links here, so go to the search bar on my site and type in: "Health Insurance -- No Cost & Low Cost"

Phylis Feiner Johnson

Re: Insurance For Epileptics

   Hello !  I am a 53 year old health insurance agent that was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. I have the head drop seizures. Enough about me. 

   As far as your pop is concerned..Please consider going to your state insurance website and look into their government funded guaranteed plans.  The recent changes in Obamacare really might help your dad out.  The premiums for guaranteed plans he may qualify for through your state will probably pleasantly surprise you.  They are very comprehensive plans. Otherwise he may have to pay the long dollar until he turns 65.

   More importantly in the long run, he qualifies for medicare and medicare supplements when he turns 65 no matter what and sooner if he qualifies as disabled.  Please understand that no matter what state you're in, there is a period when he turns 65 where no medicare supplement insurance company can rate him up or turn him down based on any health conditions.  In fact they cannot even ask him any health questions.  He must not miss the open enrollment period or he may really be up the creek with higher premiums and  limited choices in health coverage for the rest of his life.

You can go to and get the scoop on that. 

Hope this helps,