Insurance advice


I am in my mid-20s and have experienced a few grand mal seizures over the last couple years of my life. I have a few excuses for why I have not seen a doctor, primarily that ER found nothing to be critically wrong with me after my first grand mal. I also have not had insurance and am clueless about which insurance plan to choose.

I am now experiencing anxiety because of my seizures and want to see a doctor. I am wondering what experience those of you have had with insurance who have been inmy situation.

I know I can get a physical done and apply for insurance, but what will happen when I see a doctor and say that I have been having seizures for a few years? Will the doctor send red flags to the insurance company, does it violate some policy?

Also, what should I specifically be looking for in insurance? I had three grand mal seizures almost a year apart but recently had a 4th grand mal just 4 months after my third. My seizures also seem to correlate with lack of sleep, I have had more mini-seizure episodes that did not lead to grand mals.