Even with insurance, can't afford my husband's medications- Please Help!

Hi, so my husband is 30 and he was diagnosed with epilepsy a little over 4 years ago. It came straight out of the blue- no history of seizures, no family history, no brain injuries/tumors/etc.- we just don't know why he started having seizures. About 5 months after his diagnosis, his neurologist was able to create a medication regimen that works to effectively control his seizures (as of May 15th of this year he will be seizure free for 4 years). So long as he takes Keppra XR and Lamictal XR  we are good. No generics though- he had breakthroughs on generic Keppra. I know we are fairly lucky to be able to know how to control his seizures so that he can function. However, our major problem lies with insurance. About a year and a half after his diagnosis he was kicked off his company sponsored insurance plan (he was on long term disability from his job at the time- long story over the company he worked for not allowing him to work-). We were able to get help through an Epilepsy clinic in our area, and he was able to receive his medications free of cost through patient assistance programs. Then this past November, he suddenly can work for his old company again, and has immediate access to insurance again. Now comes the biggest problem- the insurance plan wants us to pay over $2000 every 3 months for both medications- over $1700 for Keppra and almost $400 for Lamictal- all because of brand names (even though the doctor writes medically neccessary). Neither medication is a "preferred" medication, so we get dumped with the extra cost. Now, for a family of 5 living off of a combined income of less than $30000 annually, how are we supposed to afford this? Our rent, water, electric, and car insurance bills take up the bulk of our income, not to mention food and gas. These are all neccessities! We have cut out as much non-essentials as we can. AND now we don't qualify for patient assistance programs because of insurance! What are we supposed to do? I feel like I am at the end of my rope- I am soo frustrated by all of this and no one can help us.