Epilepsy and Life Insurance

I had two sets of temporal lobe seizures 8 months ago. These were the only two of my life and I have had none since - completely controlled by medication (Lamictal).

Does anyone have experience - positive or negative - with getting Life Insurance after seizures? I have it through work but want to increase the amount. Not quite sure what to expect.

Would appreciate any experiences.


Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

Getting insurance from your work is group insurance. I do not know about what happens when yo uincrease the coverage because I had the maximum from the carrier. I do know that id carriers are changed and you are coveredyou are still covered because you have already been covered by teh previous carrier. I haven't been seizure free but the ones I have are only seconds long and most people I have been around do not even know I had them.

Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

Life insurance is available for the majority of individuals with Epilepsy.  The key is to work with an impaired risk life insurance expert, someone who understands Epilepsy Life Insurance Underwriting.

Life insurance underwriters want to know:

  • When did you have your first seizure? 
  • What Type of Seizure(s) did you have? - Absence Seizure, Simple Partial Seizure, Complex Partial Seizure, or Tonic-Clonic Seizure.
  • How often do you have episodes and date of last episode?
  • Do you take any medications to control Epilepsy?

What to Expect from Life Insurance Underwriting:

  • Absence and Simple Partial Seizures - Within 2 years of last episode, some companies may consider you for their standard rates plus an additional 50% markup (table rating).  If more than 2 years since last episode, standard life insurance rates may be available.
  • Complex and Tonic-Clonic Seizures - During first year since last seizure you may be postponed or in some cases be offered standard rates plus an additional 100% markup.  In years 2-5 after last episode, standard plus additional 50% markup.  After 5 years, standard rates may be available.

The way to get the best possible price available is to have an impaired risk life insurance expert shop your specific medical information out to multiple life insurance companies on an informal basis.  Once those companies review your information, they will give you feedback in terms of price and you can decide at that time which life insurance company is best for you.  Hope this helps.  Mike Horbal - LifeInsuranceAdvisors.com

Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

Well I am almost 61 and have nocturnal-only seizures since I was around 10 years old.  I was rejected for a savings bank life insurance (SBLI) term insurance back in my 30's but did find a company that extended universal whole life to me after much looking around through a financial advisor.

That policy is about to make dramatic increases in my premium so I am in the process of cancelling that and taking out a new policy through West Coast Life ($250,000 coverage for 15 years for $2862 a year.)

The only problem is that they are charging me a higher rate because of eplipesy and we were not able to find anyone who wouldn't up the cost for the same reason.

So my question is has anyone with eplipsy found reasonably priced life insurance without all kinds of extra strings attached due to eplipsey and if so what was the rate and what was the company (and how old are you).


There must be some reputable Life Insurance Companies out there that take a more nuanced view of this disease, especially for somelike me with nocturnal-only  seizures.....



Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

Can someone recommend an attorney?

Some here have said that nobody has been denied life insurance, but I was quoted a premium that was so high that I can't afford it. I consider this discriminatory and I am trying to find a lawyer.

I spoke with USAA last year about life insurance. When I first spoke with them, they quoted me a premium of $88 per month. I told them that I have a history of seizures and they said that it shouldn't cause much of an increase. After the application was reviewed by an underwriter, they said it would cost $350 per month. I can't afford that and I won't pay that because I am not that much of a risk.

I haven't spoken to other insurance companies but I don't expect things to be much better with them either. If someone told me that they were raising the premium to $120 because I've had seizures than that might be acceptable. But being quoted $350 amounts to being denied insurance.

Thank you,


I don't know how health insurance work or which is the law about epilepsy and insurance but i know that a Let Property Insurance policy will normally cover standard perils such fire,lightning,explosion, earthquake,storm,flood, escape of water/oil, subsidence, theft and malicious damage.

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Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

I know what your talking about. It wasn't much different back in the 1960's. But after being on a plan for a period of time your premimums did go down to the avreage persons rates. I still couldn't afford it but I got it thru the company I worked for. My epilepsy wasn't covered for the first year after that I had full coverage and the cost was the same for me as my friends was...

Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

I have just now had the most horrid thought..I am hoping they cannot CANCEL my existing life insurance policy because of this diagnoses. Because I am pretty sure I will never be able to purchase one again now.or if I can, it will be horribly expensive! Our risk of sudden death is high even if controlled by meds the odds are higher for us than others and that is what insurance statistics are based on.


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I do not know what the specific laws might be, but I work for a company that provides group life insurance, and we never take coverage away from someone because they had a change in their medical condition. You may not be able to increase your coverage, though. What type of insurance policy do you have?


Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

I've never been in that senario, but I'm sure there companies that would provide Life Insurance for Epilepsy. You need to expect high costs for doing so and they may have restricted limits too like it's the case of car insurance. Good luck!

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Right question you have arrised.... Thanks

Re: Re: Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

Its a universal policy, checked with my hubby and agent and we are OK. I did not have epilepsy when we started it thank goodness so they cannot pull it. I know that if we suspected a problem and did not alert them, withheld info, or had a family history, etc..it might be different. But I am OK (or in this case my family is) :) I know I cannot increase my $$$ nor can i take out another policy. Just glad we started young. Thank God we were thinking ahead!. :)


Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

I'm assuming since you have life insurance through work, it's a group policy. Group policies have stricter medical guidelines, in that you either pass or you don't. I believe the standard is that you will be denied an increase in your insurance until you have been seizure free for more than 2 years.

If you feel the need to increase your insurance now, I suggest looking into getting a separate individual policy. Individual policies are not as strict with medical guidelines. Instead, they charge higher premiums for higher risk individuals, or possible charge a minimum premium. My husband had to take a policy for more than we needed in order to meet the minimum premium.


Re: Epilepsy and Life Insurance

this is true i have never seen coverage being taken away if someone has already signed up. With maryland health insurance there are some different laws but never taking away insurance from a person that is a client. That would be proposterous