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Help Fund Epilepsy Research & Without Spending a Dime

Have you purchased anything online lately? Have you made travel arrangements? Do you order office supplies for your organization online? Have you searched for tax services? Have you searched for something on the Internet? If you have done any of these things, chances are you could have helped fund epilepsy research without spending a dime.

When you shop online for products or services, start your search for the store at the shopping mall. Over 600 stores means that you are going to find the store or service you are looking for. By starting your shopping experience there, you enable that online store or service to donate a portion of your purchase to and the Epilepsy Therapy Project, thus helping fund research. (See our mission statement for more information.) Make sure that the next time you buy a gift, make a travel reservation, buy a new cell phone, look for tax help or any other service, you are helping fund and epilepsy research. Bookmark now!

Do you have a credit card? Do you earn rewards points from it? Several financial institutions will let you donate your rewards points earnings to your favorite charity. If you have rewards points dollars that you aren’t going to use, why not ask your financial institution to give them to the Epilepsy Therapy Project? This way you can make a difference without having to spend any extra money.

Use Good Search to find information on the Internet and help fund research. When you have a question and you are looking for the answer online, start at When you get there, select the Epilepsy Therapy Project as your charity and all the searches you do online will generate money to be donated to support and fund research. Bookmark now!

Last, but not least, don’t forget that we have a fundraising partner for the holidays with The Fruit Company. If you are looking for a holiday gift for that special person who has everything, why not get them something healthy and delicious from The Fruit Company? The Fruit Company will donate 15% of any online purchases you make from our website or this newsletter back to the Epilepsy Therapy Project.


Hi Karen. I was just trying to do an order and there seems to be only a U.S. option. Am I missing something or can non U.S. citizens even order.

TY Colina

Hi Colina,

Are you talking about placing an order with The Fruit Company? If you are, I'm not sure but I suspect you are correct and they probably only ship orders within the United States, but I can check for you. I just need to be sure that's what you are referring to.

:o) Karen

 Hi Karen.

 No it was'nt from the Fruit Company it was from Best Buy and a few of the other ones I tried. Thank you for looking at this.


edited by admin

At the end of this month we are going to be taking down the portal. For those of you awesome supporters who remember to go there first before shopping online I have an alternative for you. Just go to and click on the shopping tab. They have many of the same stores there and many others. By using the shopping tab there you will still be able to have a portion of your purchase come to ETP and support this website and research for new treatments for epilepsy.

In the near future you'll even be able to just download an icon into your browser so that you can go directly to your store and it will automatically do it through the Goodsearch portal without the xtra step. So keep your eyes open for this great option.

:o) Karen

It's going to be hard for some of us if the website only provides merchandise for the US citizens. I've been doing my shopping in Hong Kong until now, although I'm from USA, due to the fact that I found some cheap things there. I will try to help your online service, so you can expand. I hope it will help.

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