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get entertainment businesses to warn us about strobe lights

hey guys, the above link is to an online petition I've created, all the info's on the link.

I myself don't have epilepsy but I understand that strobe lights can have some bad effetcs on those who do, such as seizures, feeling ill, etc. However, I am sensitive to strobes and can feel ill and lightheaded when I see them before I have to cover my eyes.

Lately I've been getting sick of not having any warning that strobes are going to be present, eg, at concerts and this way I couldn't have brought sunglasses or tablets or anything to try and lessen the impacts. In fact I HAVE seen others at concerts being carried out as they have collapsed due to the intensity of the strobes and it's really unfair that no warning has been given.

Therefore, as the petition states (please read), I want to try and get warning out before buying tickets and at least a few hours before an event takes place.

The more signatures, the better

Thanks :)


I'd like to sign the petition, but I don't belong to those websites.  Is it possible to have it sent to my email address and then return it to you?  I tried.

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