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FUNdraising Tip #3 - Plan Your Event

If you haven't thought about it, next month (November) is Epilepsy Awareness month. It's the perfect time for you to kick-off a fundraising effort. No matter whether you do it yourself or with the help of others, in-person or online, NOW is the time to get going on it.

  • set the date if you haven't already
  • make a list of who you are going to contact to publicize your event to
  • organize any details
  • publicize your event
  • pull together anything you need to be ready for the event date

If you want to participate in Epilepsy Awareness Month by doing a benefit for our organization, here are some suggestions:

Event Type


Firstgiving page
Create your own fundraising webpage with your story, pictures, even video that you can share with your friends and family. Ask them to support you and epilepsy awareness or one of the following types of campaign:

  • Birthday Campaign - ask everyone you know to make a donation for your birthday
  • Holiday Campaign - ask everyone you know to make a donation on your behalf rather than purchasing a gift for you
  • Babysitting Campaign - ask for donations on your page in exchange for your time to babysit
  • Helping Campaign - whatever you can think of that will help someone that they would normally pay for
    • drive someone to the airport and ask them to donate instead of paying you
    • mow some lawns
    • shovel snow from sidewalks or driveways

Just use your imagination! Be creative!

Get Firstgiving Help here and in our Fundraising forum.

eCycling drive

  • Have a local eCycling drive where you gather electronics that need recycling


  • Promote getting people in your community, friends, and family to participate by going online and eCycling their products through

Get ideas and help here for eCycling.

Join our Cause on Facebook

  • Share our Cause with your Facebook network.
  • When your Birthday is close, take advantage of the Cause application to ask your friends to donate to our Cause for your birthday
  • Start a challenge within the Cause

Kid's Walk
Setup a walk for kids in your community at a local school or route through town to raise money.

Dance Contest
Organize a dance contest for kids, teens, adults, or everyone in your community to raise money.

Bake Sale
Get some friends together and hold a bake sale at a church, grocery store, shopping center or other gathering and collect money for ETP

Car Wash
Organize a carwash with a volunteer youth group from a school or church at a gas station, grocery story or other store where lots of people go to raise money.

Dine-Out for Epilepsy Awareness
Ask all the restaurants in your community to donate a percentage of their sales for one day to ETP. Then advertise to your community and collect the donations.


Throughout the rest of the month please share what you are going to be doing during Epilepsy Awareness month to support our organization in the community forum on fundraising. Next month we'll focus on following up after the event and making sure we know that you are an ETP Champion.

Would you like to host a fundraiser for Epilepsy Awareness Month in November and need some help? We're here to help you make your fundraiser a success. Do you have a question, or want to share fundraising ideas or tips with the community? Please email:

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