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FUNdraising Tip #1 - Be Passionate

Are you passionate about finding new therapies for epilepsy? Are you passionate about increasing epilepsy awareness everywhere?

When you are passionate about a cause, it can motivate you to make a difference. Most of us act on that desire by wanting to help raise money to enable our cause to do more. It is important to keep that positive energy going. Maintaining passion to do fundraising comes much easier if you select a fundraiser you can be as passionate about as the cause you are supporting.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an event you can be passionate about:

  • Do you prefer athletic events or non-athletic events? Don't try to setup an event to run a race if you aren't a runner.
  • Do you like working with a team or alone? If you don't like sharing the responsibility for organizing with someone else, be sure to select something that isn't too much for one person to set up.
  • Do you want to do something locally in your community or virtually online? Working within your community can expand awareness in your local area. There are also some great tools you can use for online fundraising that help raise awareness with just your personal network of family and friends.
  • Do you already have an idea or do you need help coming up with one? Check out our fundraising forum on to see what ideas and resources are available to help you pick something.

Let's brainstorm a little and see what kinds of ways there are out there to raise money. There is no end to creativity — especially if you have a desire to make a difference. Here are just a few to get you thinking. Visit our Fundraising forum on to share your ideas on ways that anyone could help make a difference through fundraising.

Athletic Events
Non-Athletic Events

running race
bake sale

bicycling race
used book sale

swimming race
yard sale

dance contest
recycling drive

online events

your idea?
your idea?

Please add your ideas by responding to this forum! 

Next month we'll focus on how to set your goal and find the tools you need to get started for YOU to make a difference and become an ETP Champion.

Do you have a question, or want to share fundraising ideas or tips with the community? Please email:

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