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Hi all, my family just finished a fundraiser to raise money for the organization called CURE. Citizens United in Research for Epilepsy out of Chicago Illinois. We raised $686 dollars by raffling off a cake donated by The Cake Girls of Chicago. We put donation boxes at our local banks and at our places of work. We are looking for other ideas for next year and future years down the road to raise money for Epilespy research. My son who is the family member that has BRE has a birthday in November and with November being awareness month we fashioned the fundraiser around his birthday and we would somewhat like to keep doing it that way.

Thanks for any input or ideas. Please email with ideas for next year!!



Great idea, for a birthday cake and a fund raiser!  Happy Birthday to your son!

Fantastic idea, keep them coming!!..

What a great idea. I hope that since you are posting this in our community that you will consider donating to our organization with your next fundraiser.

:o) Karen webmaster

For anyone who wants to do fund can visit this site: You will raise a lot from their merchandises.

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