Epilepsy Marathon

Hello everybody.  I am currently working on a major fundraising event for the Epilepsy Foundation.  I am putting together a marathon race to improve the awareness of epilepsy.  I have created a facebook site for this event.  You can find it by going here:


If you or anybody else you know shows interest in helping me with this event, then please contact me by sending me a response on this website or on the Facebook page I created.  This will be a wonderful opportunity in your life to have a major impact on the awareness of epilepsy.  More detail about the event can be found at the link above.

I am currently working on creating a Google+ website for this event as well. I will notify you once that has been completed.

Thank you for your time,

James Patterson/composer25


Re: Epilepsy Marathon

I have been wondering if there was going to be a marathon, I have known about hte walk for years. Here in Dallas we had an qofanization which was DEA and we had walks around White Rock Lake. Carol Cervinka had daughters who walked it regularly and they raised money for he miles they walked. Carol went the EFA from here and was one of the main people I talked to in 1980's.

I would like to know where I can get purple ribbons because I might want to hand them out. I will be checking with a dear friend who has been backing breats cancer for years and I know they have people running in San Diego I would like to get their help and more professionals involved.

I will be checking out the page on facebook

Thanks James


Re: Epilepsy Marathon

please be sure to advertise on http://coolrunning.com/ more runners more money raised,more awareness raised as well.
the site may have info on how to put on such an event.