eCycling for Money

Do You Have Any of These?
Cell phones • MP3 Players • Digital Cameras • Laptops • GPS Devices •
Gaming Consoles • Camcorders • Satellite Radio • PDAs • External Hard Drives •
Video Games • Movies • Blu-Ray Players • LCD Monitors • Calculators
What do all of these items have in common?
They can all be recycled for MONEY! You can clean out those closets, desk drawers, and shelves and turn these items in to the Epilepsy Therapy Project Gadget Drive. Just go to and follow these directions:
Gadget Drive Goal:
Raise $500,000 by May 31, 2010
How Can I Help?

Groups/Local Events
Individuals/Virtual Events

Step 1: Get 2 or more people together.
Step 1: Collect all of the items you have together.

Step 2: Select a collection date including the time.
Step 2: Go to
and log your items.

Step 3: Find a collection location that has plenty of space to store
everything you collect.
Step 3: Wait for Gazelle to send you boxes to ship your items.

Step 4: ADVERTISE* on the local radio stations, local TV stations
(including cable stations), and in your local newspapers. Be sure to ask
contributors to include any accessories and manuals with the items for
extra money. Don't forget
to tell us about your event so we can post it here on also.

Step 4: Send the items to Gazelle. When Gazelle contacts you with a
final quote, just approve it.

Step 5: Email your friends and family. Share your drive on
Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. Tell them about what you are
doing and ask them to do the same thing. Just give them the link to

Step 5: Hold your event!
You will find that if you plan ahead and create an inventory sheet for
everything as it comes in, it will be easier to manage.

Step 6: After the event, go to
and look up what was donated and fill in
the blanks.

Step 7: Wait for Gazelle to send you boxes to ship everything in.

Step 8: Have a packing party with your team and everything
ready to ship.

Step 9: Ship the items.

Step 10: Wait for Gazelle to contact you with the final quote for
everything. APPROVE IT!

Step 11: Let us know here at the Epilepsy Therapy Project about your
success. We will add you to our ETP Champions page!

Advertising Ideas:

  • Local Radio station ads*
  • Local TV stations* - (This includes the local cable stations.) Try to
    get an interview or to add your event to their community calendar.
  • Local newspapers* - Have your event added to the events calendar that is
    usually free.
  • Tweet about it - Make sure to share your event on Twitter if you have an
    account - or create one and start.
  • Create a Facebook page - You can create a page and an event on Facebook
    that you (and any helpers you might have) can share with all of your friends
    and family.
  • YouTube - Do a quick, informal video and post it to YouTube about your
    event and send a link to it to family and friends (and

*Radio stations are required to provide no-cost announcements to non-profit organizations. Most TV stations have some "current event time" available. Most newspapers have a directory of events that is free also. 

Check back for more ideas, information and tools to make this a success!