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Are you an ETP Champion?

Epilepsy Therapy Project Champions are people in our epilepsy community who are out fundraising for our organization to support research for new therapies to help people living with epilepsy and to support education through

The following people have setup online fundraising pages on Firstgiving to support this effort:

Support their efforts or start your own page to help today!

If you are holding a fundraising event to support ETP email the webmaster ( and tell us about your event so that we can help support you in your effort!

You can also follow us on Twitter ( for ideas and support.


Today we get to add another Champion to our list:


We have yet another ETP Champion to honor for their efforts.

Today we add to the ranks of ETP Champions Joy Fowler.

Joy Fowler - Target=$1,000

Today I get to add another person to our list of ETP Champions for 2009.

I love being able to do this and can't wait to add more folks to this list.

And yet another ETP Champion has stood up to be counted! Hooray!

Please be sure to support her and all our other ETP Champions!

Today we add Julie Patton to our list of ETP Champions.

Thank you Julie!

I am so excited to be adding Olga Zasepa-Bietti to our ETP Champion list. Olga says she is really competitive and her goal is ambitious and exciting. Please support her in her efforts.

We are exited to have you on-board Olga!

I am happy to add Cheryl Jones to our list of ETP Champions. Please help support her efforts.

Let her know you appreciate this! 

Please welcome John Brew to our ETP Champions! Please give him your support.

I am so happy to add Ashley Larsen to our ETP Champions. We are so proud of Ashley and hope that other teenagers will take up the cause with her. Please support Ashley!

Welcome Sienna Paoni to our growing list of fantastic ETP Champions. Please give her all the support you can.

Thank you Kessiah McConchie for joining our growing list of ETP Champions

Please welcome Laurie Hunter who is raising awareness and supporting our cause in honor of her boyfriend. Way to go Laurie!

Thank you Angie Figueroa for joining our ETP Champions!

Welcome Brice Caldes to the ranks of ETP Champion. Brice is going to run the Boston Marathon and is asking for support for his run to help support our mission. Please give him your support!

Aimye Royalla joins our list of ETP Champions. Please check out her story on her Firstgiving page. Consider creating a Firstgiving page yourself.

  • Aimye Royalla - Target=$500
  • I would like to start a fund raiser but mainly  awareness in my community. How's the best way to get started?

    Lori Eddy

    Sulphur, Oklahoma

    Welcome our newest ETP Champion to the group.

    Please join Chairman and Co-Founder Warren Lammert in supporting the Spring New Therapy Grants cycle for research to find and accelerate new therapies for epilepsy and seizures. Support Warren's efforts or create your own page to help this great effort.

    • Warren Lammert - Target=$1,000 - Chairman and Founder of Epilepsy Therapy Project

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    The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

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