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Worried about my father

Hi all I'm new here from the uk seeking advice..

my father had a siezure in the night last week it was horrible scared my mum, all of us he was unconscious for about 30 minutes bit his tounge, really scary.

he went to a and e over here in the uk and all they did where blood tests and heart rate... I stressed he needed a brain scan as it was clearly some form of siesure and they said they do not do that in a and e and he would be referee to a fit clinic...we're still waiting for an appointment.

basically I'm really worried and the dr told me one of the blood tests they did actually looked for any sign of brain damage so if it was anything bad it would of picked up.. My father has had no history of this EVER in his life and has always appeared a strong healthy man of 64 years of age... He passed out this time last year but due to some sort of fever sickness bug..that's it..the next day he carried on as if nothing had happend no after effects. Nothing.

I know no one here can really diagnose my father but I'm just looking for clarity or maybe a close enough answer or idea what i might be dealing with, saying that it may not even be epilepsy... So strange




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