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Wondering if any parents share symptoms with their children- who have Epilepsy??


I’m 37 yrs old and since I was 12 yrs old I’ve always had issues with lights (strobe, bright lights..etc) also with rapidly changing intensities of light such as passing trees. When I was going through puberty it was at its worst, I would have a tingly feeling in my head, slurry speech, problems talking, severe nausea, vomiting and lethargy. I was never taken to a doctor about it..I honestly thought everyone had issues like that. Fast-forward now, I’m 37 yrs office space is always dark (I have building maintenance remove bulbs) generally wear sunglasses, driving at night sucks with the all the headlights. Haunted houses or amusement parks are difficult but I just plan around it. I’ve noticed something peculiar though…a shared feeling of illness with my 17 yr old who is Epileptic (hers started at 12). There have been a few instances of both of us feeling weird at the same time, although for her it progresses into a seizure, I just feel super sick and weird. One time we were sitting at the dinner table, I was looking down at my plate, got a wash of strange feeling over me…tingling in the head, followed by nausea. First thing I did was look at her, she was getting a dazed look and I asked her if he was okay, she shook her head. We immediately laid her down and she had a seizure. My son pointed out one of our lights was flickering near the table. (He is used to looking out for things like that because of my issues) Does anyone else share issues?

Many thx!


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