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Simple partial seizure or something else?

I'm female, 17, and a couple of months ago now I had a grand-mal seizure, I'm going for an MRI next monday to see if it's anything they can see that's wrong. 

But a week ago today I was on a small walk in the woods and I lost consciousness or my eyes and brain unfocused for I don't know how long, and when I came to (I was still standing) I had no idea where I was or why I was in these woods. So I started walking but stopped because, well, I didn't know where I was going because I didn't know where I was (bear in mind I've grown up going for walks in these woods). It took about two minutes for me to remember after thinking really, really hard. But it was the strangest feeling ever and trying to explain it is quite difficult. It wasn't something I've ever experienced before and I can't find anything about it anywhere. 

So I'm just hoping that someone here may know what it was? Thank you.

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